Mavs is in a single stellar state. Can they win the NBA title only with Luca?

NO ONE GREAT! Dallas Mavericks“The Front office exchanged top five after the details of the deal were finalized minutes before the February 10 trading deadline. The consensus in the room was that it was moving from a big man Christaps Porzingis It was in the best interests of the privilege, but it was not a celebration.

Finally, Porzingis was acquired two years ago in a blockbuster deal to be combined Luka Doncic as fundamental parts of the franchise. Porzingis was supposed to be the partner of the Mavericks, their 23-year-old superstar, needed to form a long-term rival.

But Dallas, led by new general manager Nico Harrison’s first-year coach Jason Kidd, eventually realized that Porzingis, when he was uninjured, provided a mess instead of the area needed for Doncic surgery. The team decided that Porzingis was not suitable for Doncic,, he would not be a trading partner.

Thus, the Mavs split Porzingis’s maximum salary into two smaller ones Washington Wizards wanted to pour, bringing Spencer Dinwidi և: Dr. Bertans to Dallas, citing flexibility and depth as the reason for the trade-off. Dallas did not expect to back down because of the trade. The Mavs had a better record without Porzingis than with him; of course, it was not considered a profitable move.

It basically meant returning to the field when the team had been looking for a star supporter for Doncic for many years. And it introduced a question. Is it the Mavs? need: to follow the modern NBA trend that many stars are struggling with?

“You always want talent to win championships,” Kidd said after Dallas’ defeat. LA Clippers: On the night of the trade deadline, he’s behind the highest 51 points of his career. “As we go through this journey, we will see if we can meet the No. 2 boy.

“It could be the team we have where there is no real second star. You just have guys who play very high level roles. And you have seen that teams also win champions that way. ”

The last title team that fits that template. 2010-11 Mavericks, when 38-year-old Kidd was one of the few actors to complement Dirk Nowitzki so well.

“You had one superstar and the rest were burgers,” Kidd said with a smile that night, using Nowitzki’s favorite playful insult, which became a term for friendship.

Now, with the amazing run of the Western Conference Finals ending in a gentlemanly massacre Golden State Warriors, The confidence of the Mavs’s brains should decide how this playoffs should affect the process of creating a championship list around their prodigy. Winning in two rounds, leaving out the No. 1 ranked Phoenix Suns gives some confidence in the belief that Mavs can fight a single superstar.

“We have taken a huge step this year, maybe a few steps,” Doncic said after the Mavs’s dismissal failed. 120-110 loss in the 5th game on Thursday. “Obviously there is a lot to do, but we have made a huge step. I think we are on a great, wonderful path.”

JALEN BRUNSONIS THE FIRST The reaction of Porzingis’s trader was to find out if he was a part of it. There has been widespread speculation around the league that Mavs will try to gain value in Branson’s commercial market instead of jumping into the luxury tax by re-signing him as an unlimited free agent this summer.

The price to do so has risen sharply since the 25-year-old guard played a major role in the Dallas playoffs. In the post-season, he averaged 21.6 points per game, which was underlined by 41 և 31 points in a pair of first-round victories. Utah Jazz while Doncic was out due to a strain on his calf.

Mavs Gov. Mark Cuban, who last entered the title squad 11 years ago, is adamant he will pay what it takes to keep Branson in Dallas. If not, the Mavs would not have the salary room to sign a replacement for their second top scorer.

“The whole partner talk, I do not really think about it. “That’s what it is,” Brunson told ESPN. “It can be any evening. Obviously, I want to put my team in a position to win, but having such a mindset of being a star will give me expectations that I personally do not need. I want. to be a significant game in the champion team. “

Brunson, the 2018 second-round pick who became comfortable playing on or under the ball, is one of several home development success stories who have adapted perfectly to the ball-dominated Donchich. Dorian Finney-Smith և: Max glueIn particular, they have become great 3-և-D players whose mood does not fluctuate depending on how often they touch the ball when attacking. Reggie Bullockwho is signed except for the middle level, is a player of this type է is part of the core of the Mavs.

In the last two seasons, Donchich has led the championship in terms of usage. he brought it to this post-season high, և it becomes the defensive target of the opponents, as it is often the best way to attack the defense of Dallas, մեթ the method of wearing it. a superstar who has had to lay his eggs in the last two seasons.

For the Mavs, it is mandatory to have players around Doncic, who give him space in attack and defense. If anything, the Mavs had to rely on it too much On Bullock և Finney-Smith, who occupy the first and second places in the league during these post-season minutes. They are asked to perform the most difficult defensive tasks in each game, և they have to fight the fatigue caused by playing for more than 40 minutes, to make open shots, so that the attack of the mouse roars.

Return of a healthy person Team Hardaway Jr.., who missed most of the season’s playoffs due to left leg surgery, will score more points. But the depth of trustworthy points in the person of a shooter who is a strong defender is a necessity to enter the summer.

This is the improvement in the center, where Kleber played most of the minutes in the playoffs, despite being on the bench. Dwight Powell.

“They are one player away,” the CEO of the Archelian Conference told ESPN, suggesting that the Mavs could win the title next season if they find a way to increase their influence in 2010-11. By Tyson Chandler. Who can be Doncic’s main partner, rebounder և edge defender?

This is an opinion shared by several other competing coaches, scouts and managers who have recently discussed Dallas’s prospects with ESPN.

Kuban also believes that building this type of list, with some upgrades, could make the Mavs a long-term competitor.

“We see what we need,” Kuban said after the Warriors’ victory. “When one of their boys gets 17, 18 references at night, it kind of tells the story. That is one of the things we will try to fix. “

The players on the Mavs roster do not believe that drastic steps need to be taken to win the franchise championship.

“We definitely have enough to do with something special in this locker room,” Finney-Smith told ESPN during the conference finals. “We are here. We are the team of the top four in the NBA. You can try to find another star, but you never know how it might turn out to be Luca or the other crew. It’s an adaptation to play with someone like that. Luke too, այդպես I feel that way [Brunson] well adapted և [Dinwiddie]also.

“The star group is not working anymore! Comfort is possible. ”

KUBAN HAS LONG The pursuit of a star has become a priority. That’s why he did not maintain the aging list after a single franchise title, instead choosing a pay-as-you-go area in hopes of signing a contract. Chris Paul or: Dwight Howard or other big names who did not appear in Dallas, or, in the case of Deron Williams, signed with the Mavs when his star faded.

That’s why the Mavs pushed their chips to the middle to exchange them for Porzingis in the middle of the Doncic rookie season. Dallas also dreamed of joining Doncic Janis Antetokunmpobut they evaporated when Antetokunmpo extended his contract with the organization Milwaukee Bucks “Then” last season he won his franchise for the championship.

That’s one of the reasons why Cuba hired Harrison, a former longtime Nike executive who has a strong relationship with player’s agents throughout the league, as the new Mavs CEO last summer.

However, at the moment, the Mavs do not have a clear path to create a playing field even for another star. Dallas has wasted the flexibility of signing Doncic to a newcomer, failing to make a splash at the free agency over the past few years, with the extension of his supermax starting this summer. They are still indebted to the election of the first round of 2023 New York Knicksrestricting their assets in the commercial market.

The Mavs may at some point benefit from the NBA trend when disgruntled stars are forced to trade their way to certain candidates. Doncic, of course, has proved that he lives in the elite stratosphere of the league. But he does not have a deep relationship with the various stars of the league, who are usually formed as teenagers in the US and / or on the US team. And Doncic’s style of play may not be appealing to other stars who are used to holding the ball in their hands often.

At the same time, these Moors competed with Doncic և’s high-caliber cast, who accepted the roles. They live in Luca’s world, they have learned to prosper in it.

“I learned how to play without rhythm,” Branson said. “I do not need rhythm. This is Luka Doncic. S —- does not change. This is Luka Doncic. I came to the conclusion that he is a great player, he will do great things, և this. The organization is going to build around it…

“Some guys have that aura about themselves.”

As for Cuba, the Mavs “without a doubt” established their identity in the first season of Kidd’s tenure, which allows the franchise to become a champion.

“Tough, physical, multi-talented,” Kuban said, listing the distinctive features of players on the Dallas roster. He continued. “Being able to complement Luca, knowing how to play with Luca. That’s probably number one. “

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