Meet the food stylist who recreated Julia Child’s kitchen

“My father adored Julia Child. Every Saturday morning he was found sitting in his chair with a pile of newspapers in his arms. The beginning of our weekend was always calm. The volume was so low that the pages of the newspaper were folded. As I recall, The French chef would be shown on PBS after Bob Ross Joy of painting. I sat on the carpet with pens and paper, I painted on his instructions. “Then Julia Child enters.”

This was Christine Tobin’s first acquaintance with a world-famous culinary figure. Thirty years later, Christine will become a stylist for television and cinema, eventually appearing on the set. Julianew HBO Max series about one of the original “famous cooks”.

For Christine, the concert was special both on a personal and professional level. Usually, he says that a food stylist like him would be part of the show’s pro team, but this time he was part of the culinary team. And for Julia, the cooking team was a serious operation. Christine told me that all the food in the series is real food made by Julia Child’s recipes, which is a rarity in the industry.

“There were no tricks. I have not sprayed polyurethane on anything. There was no shellac. “Sometimes I could sprinkle olive oil or water to refresh the salad, but there was no trick,” he says.

The show was filmed in New England, which meant that Christine could visit local farms, butchers and fishmongers, with whom she had personally established a relationship in Boston. Coincidentally, one of the butchers …Savenor– was the same as Julia Child when she lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

“My approach was not just to read her cookbook, but to spend time in the Provencal region of France, using these local elements that could translate her into her home,” said Christine, who devoted as much time as possible to cooking. to form correctly. But doing so posed a challenge.

The French chef Originally broadcast in the early 1960s, the choice of, meat, seafood և products was very different than it is today. To date, frying chickens is four to five pounds, and Julia (մյուս in the middle of the 20th century, other home cooks) cooked with two to three pounds of chicken. Christine was then tasked with working with butchers to find and manipulate, for example, whole raw chickens to search the camera for almost half their size. Christine recalls a scene depicting an incredible display of seafood with a whole Dover tongue in the center.

“The whole Dover’s sole is a seasonal fish. It’s not so easy to find, but we were able to get it from a local fish farm. “I never wanted to be called for a short break with Julia,” he said.

After all, Julia’s fans would know. Fifty million viewers were captivated by his six-foot-tall height, which shone weekly in black and white. With more than 76.8 million subscribers to the broadcaster, it is quite possible that Julia will have more views than ever, thanks to the rest of HBO Max, which mentions her figure.

But this is not even close to the first time the major network or streaming service has re-introduced or re-introduced Julia-Nora Efron’s 2004 Julie և Julia (Starring Amanda Hesser, founder of Food52) was about a food blogger (Julie) who was trying to make every recipe. Mastery of the art of French cuisine in just one year; In 2020, PBS was launched Dine with Julia ChildA mini-series where today’s famous chefs, such as Jose Andres, Carla Hall and Martha Stewart, watch and comment on separate episodes. The French chef; The premiere of the new documentary about Julia will take place on CNN in a few days.

And while we wrap our arms around the cook, who was a culinary-social spy decades ago when we rode the phrase on horseback, he was not without his flaws, his critics. John Berdsol recently commented on Childe’s alleged homophobia Correspondent[MaiadelaBaume-նուսումնասիրելէԵրեխայիժառանգությունըՖրանսիայում[MaiadelaBaumeexaminedChild’slegacyinFranceforThe New York Times: (hint: it fluctuates between the offensive “absence”). Both are appropriate, but the microscopic touches are in his images JuliaAt its core, the dramatic series masterfully accepts the social and political atmosphere of the 1960s, while providing viewers with exactly what they came for. the rooster in the wine, bouef bourguignon:, crepes, chocolate souffleև so much Little four.

“For me, preparing food for a film brings a sense of responsibility and honor. Food not only unites people, it is one of the most telling components of where a person comes from, what they are like or how they feel. It’s a powerful tool for storytelling. I can get lost in the deep plunge of menu design և image integration to best express the purpose of my craft on the set. For me, my role goes beyond just the concept of “food for the camera.” it adds breadth և dimensions. ”

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