Mets bully their way past the citizens of another series of victories

WASHINGTON – Taiwan Walker sided with Juan Soto after marking him during a clash at the Third Base, which seemed more violent than it should have been for the Washington nationalists.

Walker և Mets punish NL East.

Walker had seven quiet innings, a goalless draw, Մ The Mets remained unbeaten in 10 games this season, beating the carefree Nationals 4-1 on Thursday.

Walker, a solid right-hand man, labeled Soto in third place after the Nationals’ top scorer made an elementary base-running gaffe in disarray after Josh Bell hit the ground on the left. Soto slid Walker’s forearm in front of the bag a few feet away and argued for obstruction, but Walker already had the ball when Soto got there.

“It was unexpected. “I was a little angry because it was pointless. I did not think he would slip into me,” Walker said. “Smart game, I guess the boy was going to take second place, but at the moment I was not so happy about it.”

After labeling Soto, Walker rushed to the second base, and right-back Starling Marten threw back to the third to nail Bell, ending the nationals’ best chance.

“Things like this, when we are behind, are not good fundamental decisions,” said Washington’s manager Dave Martinez. “We need to make better decisions.”

Mark Kahnhan went 3-for-4 with three RBIs for Mets, who took two of the three last-place nationals. “Mets” has won nine series, divided one, and has not lost two games in a month.

“We have a striker of the day. “We give the prize when we enter,” Kanhan said. “Today I was, և what’s great about this team is that I feel almost certain that all of our strikers have won the award at some point this year. “Someone is always a hero,” was the most wonderful part of the year.

Walker (1-0) made three shots, walked one and threw 85 pitches in the longest of his four starts this season, which was interrupted by a shift in the list of victims of right shoulder bursitis.

Seth Lugo scored two goals in the eighth, and Edwin Diaz allowed Soto with two two-pointers in the ninth to finish the four shots before leaving Bell.

Soto said he was to blame for the drop in the game after he opened the fourth innings with a double hit from the wall to the center right.

“I’m just stuck in nothing,” he said. “I tried to slide. I did not try to offend him or anything like that. “He has to give me a place to at least slip on the ground.”

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