Mets’ JD Davis starts working as a part-time player

WASHINGTON – Jay Davis is almost certain he will be included in every squad whenever the Mets face left-back. On the days when the team met Ajlik, he was pleased with the communication from the manager’s office.

The latest example came on Wednesday when reserve bench coach Glenn Sherlock informed DeGy at around 3pm that he would not be in the starting line-up for the national team right against Aaron Sanchez that night. The information allowed DG to train and plan his pre-match routine accordingly.

“You can come in here to be productive, where last year there was a delay in the season where we got the squad an hour before the game,” said Dice. “And then everyone kind of runs around with their heads cut off. “Okay, now I can relax.” It just helps with productivity when you know in advance. ”

Dice (who is due to start the series finale on Thursday) is learning to be successful in a part-time role after playing almost regularly with the Mets in his first three seasons when he was healthy. He entered on Wednesday at .238 / .377 / .357 with one homer and four RBIs in the form of 53 plates, but those numbers tell a flawed story. According to the Fangraphs, Davis had a 70 percent hard-hitting tally, which was one of the highest in the MLB. Based on these rates, the expected moving average of DGs was 0.351, and the percentage of expected decrease was 0.677.

Jay Davis scores in the wild during the last game against Phyllis.
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Those numbers tell manager Buck Schwalter that DG was not the most successful player on the planet.

Davis’s path to more playing time was cleared last week when: Robinson Kano was assigned and then fired. Davis and Dominic Smith remain to share DH (or in some cases Smith plays the first base by moving Pete Alonso to DH).

“It’s like Dodger, where Max Mansi can move anywhere, [Cody] “Bellinger can be the first to ‘play right’, to kind of move everyone so that everyone is fresh,” said DG.

Dice’s most notable contribution this season was his accurate double in Philadelphia last Thursday, which continued the ninth inning rally. Brandon Nimo followed with a two-run single, and the Starling Marte RBI double pushed the Mets to their seventh-run innings. The great ones won.

“It was a lot of confidence for me,” Diss said. “It simply came to our notice then [Corey] Knebel. I know the situation և everything, 7-1, he probably did not know he was going to play.

“He probably didn’t have his best stuff, but just getting in there, turning on the quick ball, something I was working on, something I was trying to stay short of, to actually do it during the game, it was one thing. A big moment for me, a big moment for the team to somehow pass the baton, to win that game. “

DG spent most of last season on the injury list with a torn wrist. When he returned to the injured list 2 ¹ / 2 months later, there was still discomfort, which hindered his playing time. With spring training starting this season, DG thought there was a good chance he would be sold, given his limited potential role. At this point, he’s glad he’s staying.

“How can I not?” Davis said. “I am in the first place team. “We are overburdened with this team, it’s a good thing.”

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