Metz surprises Tris Jankowski by wearing his shirt after commenting on the shirt

A week and a half ago, Tris Jankowski was not trying to gain sympathy when he commented on his role outside the bench that “no one is going to buy my shirt.”

But his “Big” teammates paid attention, late Friday night defeat at sea In City Field, Yankovsky white shirts were wrapped around each seat of the club. Most of the players wore them on Saturday afternoon as they prepared for another game.

“I did not want it to be a pity, as if no one was wearing my shirt,” said Jetsovsky, a Mets fast forward, before the start on the left field on Saturday. “It was more like that, I understand my role, I’m glad to be in this role. But that says a lot about the club. I have never been a member of a group of guys like the club, where they sincerely care about each person, they know that every role is possible for the team. It’s wonderful”.

Manager Buck Schwalter told Yankowski on Friday afternoon that he would have a surprise in the pre-match. It happened when the third base player Eduardo Escobar opened the box, pulled out the shirt with the name of Yankovsky և with the number 16.

“I think my face was as red as a tomato,” Yankovsky said with a laugh.

For Showalter, it was “more than just a cover.”

“I think it’s just a matter of respect for him,” Schwalter said. “He is just a modest boy. : Believe me, he has that inner fire. He would like to have a break, to be a daily player again, և could be և should be. But I think people gather around [him]. It creates good karma in the club. ”

Tris Yankovsky
Robert Sabo for NY POST

Entering on Saturday, 30-year-old Yankovsky played 22 games (13 off the bench) and scored .321 with three goals after retiring after spring training. The initial comments of Stony Brook’s product came on the day he successfully launched the two-headed և served as a spark plug in the Messi victory.

Since then, Yankovsky has said he has also received numerous messages from fans on social media saying they were buying his shirt.

“It was unbelievable,” he said. “I feel bad, I suppose I underestimated the Metz fan base.”

On Joey Cora’s 57th birthday, Schwalter praised his third backing coach, talking about his training and how the players want him to perform well. He also described a conversation with Red Sox manager Alex Cora during the off-season when the Mets were interviewing his brother.

“I asked him. “If he’s so good, why not have him?” “- said Schwalter. “He said. “We would kill each other.” »

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