Mindy Calling responds to any “disappointment” with her character Scooby Doo in Velma – E! online

Mindy Calling has no time for haters.

When I have never had The creator shared the view of the animated spinoff Scooby-Doo Velma During a presentation on Warner Bros. Discovery Upfront on May 18, he rudely expressed his support for making the title character South. deadline reports.

Mindy, who voices Velma, said: “I hope you have noticed that my Velma is from the South. “If people are angry about it, I do not care.”

He went on to say that if the dog could detect the crime, Velma “could be brown”. deadline.

Mindy is also the executive producer of the HBO Max series, which reveals the origins of Velma Dinkley. The broadcaster announced the series in February 2021 and received an online response, as some fans saw that its image is fed by the South Asian brain stereotype, according to: deadline.

In July 2021, Mindy commented Late night with Seth Myers, “When it was announced that I was going to do Velma’s voice, people were very supportive and happy on Twitter. And so I felt great because they’re really big fans of, you know, cartoons, comics, these. huge fans և especially [for] a show like heritage. “

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