Mint Party Mojito – Nice drink

Introducing the Peppermint Party Mojito back Monin Mint syrup; no mess of mint in this mixture. This is not a holiday party without the strong aroma of mint in the air, so instead of a candy cane I chose mint syrup to bring this cake to life.

You may remember a few weeks ago when James (Little Lane Media:) taught me how he prefers his Mojito’s; և why he does not order them in bars. I’m sorry I’m all aware, but I totally agree with him on the shake & strain method. Listen to me, but…

Presentation # 1 – Shaking և squeezing a Mojito, you will not have ugly pieces of crushed lime or mint in the drink, so your cocktail will look great right away.

# 2 Consistency – Not all limes are equal. I can not imagine how many times I drank half a lime juice, expecting one ounce of juice եմ I barely filled my jars by half. By measuring the lime juice before mixing it into the cocktail, you ensure that each Mojito is balanced.



  1. Combine all ingredients in cocktail shakes with ice
  2. Shake to cool ացրեք add ingredients
  3. Squeeze the crushed ice into a glass of Collins
  4. Fill with soda water
  5. Decorate և enjoy.

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