MLB’s auto robo umps debut on PCL

The so-called robot cloud baseball և striking system appeared on Tuesday in the Pacific Triple League, which is still the highest level tested with technology.

Major League Baseball had previously introduced ABS to the independent Atlantic League; it came into force last year during the Arizona Autumn League. And the White Sox’s Triple-A Knights have installed the system in the International League in Charlotte this season. Tuesday’s introduction of PCL was ABS ‘highest-planned release at Triple A ballparks this season.

ABS was installed in Salt Lake Smith Park on Tuesday night for a game of bees (Angels Branch) և Albuquerque isotopes (Rocky mountains) և his debut was largely eventless.

Chris BryantIn the Rockies recovery task, he took second place for Albuquerque on Tuesday, winning 1 on 3. He said he was mainly interested in the new system.

“I am not completely against it,” Bryant said. “The referees want to receive the calls correctly. They do not come out trying to influence the game in one way or another. “If they have a tool in their favor for every call, that’s great.”

MLB provided the teams with an information leaflet explaining how ABS works. The impact zone extends to the center of the 19-inch-wide house plate, including one inch from the edge (the house plate is 17 inches wide). The upper and lower edges of the impact zone are based on a certain percentage of the impact height. The size of the automated zone, MLB said, is similar to a major league zone.

It is possible, however, that if any part of the ball even touches the belt, the pitch is called a kick.

“I wish there was more, you have to have X percent of the ball that crosses the belt for it to hit,” Bryant said. “Because those who just cut the corner, that’s the gray part. As a pitcher, you’re like, ‘Maybe it’s a blow.’ And as a striker you are like, “I do not know either.”

Brennan Miller, the Salt Lake home plate referee on Tuesday night, had experience working with ABS in the autumn league. He received the call to hit the ball through the headset, then “sounded” as he usually did.

“No pitch outside the strike zone was called a shot, and no pitch in the middle was called a ball,” Isotopes said. Josh Sochon said. “No field has jumped into the strike zone, which has been called a strike. In that sense, it is possible to be honest.

The teams were provided with computer tablets in their cylinders to test what the system saw. And some calls, as before, were challenged, including the so-called strike in the ninth inning, which damaged the appearance of the belt, according to Suchon.

“As a striker, it would be weird,” Bryant said before the game. “Sometimes you are called to go your own way when a boy comes in, they throw it out, but it just sounds awful.”

(Photo by Daniela Porcelli / Getty Images)

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