Mom works, night school becomes Dilard’s vandal

A single mother who worked full-time while studying at night and on the weekends to raise her daughter is one of four students at Dillard University who have been named valectors.

The Times-Picayune / The New Orleans Advocate: reports that Nadia James received a 4.0 GPA բ Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. He graduated from New Orleans Historical College on Saturday.

“There were nights when I woke up until 3 o’clock at night trying to do my homework, I still had to wake up the next morning to be ready for the girl, I still had to get ready for work,” James told the newspaper. graduation ceremony.

Born and raised in New Orleans, James often moved with relatives as a child as his mother struggled with addiction. After the birth of his daughter, he worked in various jobs, such as family dollars, to take care of him, but when his daughter was five years old, James decided that he wanted to give her another example, so he went to college.

He worked in the financial aid office of Shalmet Nunez Community College, earning his associate degree, and then started working full-time there in 2019, after receiving his degree. Then’s study of Dilalard’s weekends allowed her to continue her education while raising her daughter and working full time.

James told the newspaper how he would wake up before dawn in the room he shared with his daughter at his grandmother’s house in Shalmete to get her daughter to school and to work. She studied during lunch breaks, at work slowly during the day, and then attended evening classes before going home to feed her daughter and do more school work.

He attributes it to difficult times, such as one of his professors, Brandon Hamman, when his father died last year. And when James found out that he was one of the four monks, the daughter jumped for joy.

The other validators are Chad Fuselier, Brinisha Hamilton and Iman Wales.

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