Naked scene of Jesse Williams Broadway posted on the Internet, causing outrage | CBC News:

A video of naked Jesse Williams being filmed on stage during a shower after a Broadway performance has been posted on the Internet, much to the displeasure of producers, actors and stage managers.

“We strongly condemn the creation or distribution of our members ‘photographs and videos during the nude scene,” said Kate Schindl, President of the Actors’ Equity Association. “Whoever did that, not only knew that he was shooting the actors without their consent, but also openly violated the theater’s ban on recording and broadcasting.”

Williams is filmed in the Renaissance Get me outRichard Greenberg’s study of what happens when a baseball star acts as a gay man, finding out how it bothers the team, unleashes toxic prejudices. Williams was nominated for a Tony Award on Monday for his role as a superstar.

The Second Stage Theater, which represents the Renaissance, uses Yondr bags to protect the actors. The audience arrives at the theater and hands over their phones, which are then put in locked bags until the end of the performance. The company said it would step up security following the breach.

“It is highly unacceptable to photograph someone naked without their consent, it can have serious legal consequences,” said the second stage.

“Posting it on the Internet is a gross, unacceptable breach of trust between the actor and the audience, which has developed in the theatrical community.

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