Nate Diaz urinates at UFC headquarters over a contract dispute

Nate Diaz urinates outside UFC headquarters as his contract dispute continues (@ NateDiaz209 via Twitter)

Nate Diaz He posted a photo of urinating outside on Twitter UFC: at headquarters as his contract dispute with the MMA promoter continues.

Diaz last fought in June, losing decisively to Leon Edwards. Prior to that fight, the American had participated twice in 2019, after a three-year break from sports.

Diaz, 37, reportedly has one fight left at the end of his current UFC deal and does not appear to want to extend his contract. He also could not agree on a rival with the UFC, the favorite of the fans is becoming more and more disappointed with the situation.

“Getting a cat on Ufc pi [performance institute]”, Diaz wrote on Twitter on Thursday, next to his photo, covered with a trash can, while urinating near the Las Vegas building.

“I could do it because I’m paid the most, they will not cut me off.”

UFC President Dana White has long said that Diaz’s rival’s trio fight Conor McGregor may be created, while rumors suggest that Diaz may be associated with a rising star in the middle class Khamzat Chima!.

Diaz, however, does not seem to want to confront Chima; he even recently asked the UFC to release him from the contract.

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