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Add rye whiskey, Aperol և Cocchi Americano in a frozen mixing glass. Add ice և: mix: until well cooled. Squeeze into a glass of iced cocktail and garnish with oranges turn.


  • This turn on the classic Old Pal uses a cocktail with a lighter taste Aperol instead Camp:, տեղում brings bitter Cocchi Americano in place of dry vermouth. It is an easy-to-drink combination designed to “penetrate” the classic flavors.
  • The nose retains its original dry citrus և spicy hue. You still get the rye spice, but it is more restrained քիչ less intense. Aperol brings in orange-rhubarb accents, while Cocchi Americano slides to balance it all out, strengthening the bitter part of the trio. This refreshing sip retains the essence of Old Pal, but in a much lighter, smoother, more affordable package.
  • Note on the age. For this one, I prefer a lower proven age, such as Old Overholt or Templeton, both of which have 80 proofs.

New friend 2:


Or I love it now, it took me a long time to “develop my palate” Old Pal. It was also communicated or missed among friends, which made me think. How can I make something from Old Pal?– like this it can appeal to a wider audience.

after: years hours of research, this is what I came up with. Save age:but use something low proof like Old Overholt or Templeton (both are 80 proofs). Exchange with Campari’s baby brother Aperoland remove the dry vermouth to taste American Cocchi:. I call this one New friend because I’m sure you will both agree to swim.

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