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After spending in January 2021 New Year’s Eve in Miami BeachI decided it was time to leave New York. Before that, I spent almost six months in solitary confinement in my 5th floor apartment in Harlem. I, along with everyone else in New York, was in the epicenter when the epidemic struck, և it was a time of great anxiety ելու breaking my nerves. I vaguely remember begging my mother to give me medication to relieve my anxiety (She is a nurse իհարկե, of course, she refused): I wore double gloves to go to the grocery store once a month. There was never toilet paper, and my mother had to send me from North Carolina. All cleansers on Amazon cost no less than $ 50. I left my packages at my door for a whole day before touching them. The sound of ambulances և fire trucks, which are already the unofficial soundtrack of New York, quadrupled during those months. They voted in the streets every day and every night. That was too much for me, and being alone probably made it worse. I’ve always been a housewife, a little hardworking, so isolation was a welcome relief from society. I got into my job first, creating content, really challenging myself as an innovator. It kept me busy for a few months, but being alone for so long made me realize a few things about life, the life I wanted for myself. That was not my life in New York.

New York made me

Being a small town in North Carolina, I have always dreamed of leaving. I always wanted to know where that long road to the end of the district was going. I wanted excitement, adventures, I found all of these things when I came to New York City for graduate school. I made it. I was having a party with my friends at Club Mars 2112. I dated a jumper who was picking me up from class in his Hummer. I thought about piercing my eyebrows, I only wore them on my nails for a year. I leaned in shock at Eugenes and ordered $ 20 40/40 cocktails. I did New York City, I did it right. I did it և I mean it I survived it. I survived on a low-paying job while I was finishing school. I got to school and got a well-paid job. I spent those 14+ years in New York և I got more heart և more hustle and bustle than I would have had if it had been somewhere else. The connections I have made during my decade և some of the changes are what have made it possible for me everywhere. It’s a cliché AF, but if you can do it in New York, you’re ready for life.

Peace և rest

There was no peace and silence during the isolation. In fact, the moment I started to take myself seriously YouTube channelThe more I realized that there was no peace or silence in New York at all. My ears have become sensitive, համ my patience has waned with age. I can always adjust it when it’s time to go to bed. I can always turn up the volume on the TV to mute the bass or beeps of a car vibrating on the street in an apartment building, or God knows what the couple is arguing about. But when it comes time to shoot, you spend an hour on makeup, hair, and then you hear Bachata exploding through your walls, that’s enough to make you want to shout. There is no shade against Bachata, but at 9 o’clock in the morning…it’s not for me. I literally had to wake up before dawn, paint in the near darkness, to have some peace, because after 11 o’clock in the morning fuggetaboutit:, nothing is done. What I learned from each trip to Miami was that I could shoot in peace, at any time of the day. I often wondered when people got sick or when there were fires in Miami, because I did not remember ever hearing a signal. Even the busiest streets in Miami are still relatively quiet. I had forgotten how peace feels. How did it feel to not hear voices all night and all day? The older I get, the more I enjoy the silence. I woke up at 6:30 in the morning և watching the sun rise over the water from my balcony at the East Miami Hotel կլին it would be so calm that I could almost hear it. I had reached the point where I could not ignore the noise of New York! That noise can penetrate you and keep you extreme. It’s a good place to cook when you’re hungry, but it’s an endless static backdrop if you’re trying to stay still.

Welcome Good life

I packed my bags and moved to Miami Beach in February 2021. I got an apartment on the beach with a balcony with my own palm tree, which I correctly named Palmela. There is just something when I see the palm tree swaying in the wind against the bright blue crystal clear sky, forcing me to exhale This is the Good Life. Not only did I have outdoor space but also dishwasher and ceiling fans in each room. It was a convenience for me և it was much cheaper than anything you can find in New York. I was just a 10 minute walk to the beach, with the best restaurants and shops at my fingertips. Not to mention the amazing weather ցածր lower cost of living (at that time): I enjoyed every moment of my 6 months in Miami Beach. I loved going to the beach every day, sitting under the sun, listening to the ocean, just being thankful I was alive. During all that time, I never returned to New York or kept my Harlem apartment. There I was on the beach in two bikinis while it was snowing in New York, gray and miserable.

All about the Benjamins

There are many reasons why I moved from New York to Miami Beach, which include: better quality of life, more amenities և space for my money, better weather, more comfortable working environment և mention. better weather? After being isolated in the open air, I decided it was time for me to get some if all went well. But the biggest reason is that it was the first time in my adult life that I really saw how people lived in another big city, how it was so much better, so clean, so much more beautiful than I was living in New York. City. I mean, you can literally look at the streets of Miami Beach to see where those tax dollars are going. I have never seen such a clean city. You can eat off the sidewalk, as it is better to believe that someone cleaned them that morning. I understandIt’s a seaside town, և tourism is huge, so it has to be clean, but so is New York. Ah, and talking about taxesThat’s one big reason I moved too. Let us not be deceived here. I try to make money for generations. And if that’s something New York is going to do, it’s հարկ 3 times what you owe it. BUT WHY?!? The trains are still dirty, աշխատում they rarely work, և the rat just hoped to descend the subway stairs in its tail like a kangaroo. I swear, I saw the rat do it.

Fe Noel Slip Dress: (average) |: Tom Ford hanging sandals |: Fendi first small gold |: Carolina Herrera earrings SOLD | Nars mysterious red lip pencil


I did my time, ladies and gentlemen, և I paid my dues: literally. I will always love New York, so it will always have a special place in my heart. I’m thankful for the connections I have made that have allowed me to work from anywhere. I’m grateful to friends who became family, who did not hesitate to order a $ 80 flight from JFK to relax with me in Miami. But I have to put myself first. And right now it’s Miami Beach that girl. Do not worry, I’ll be back in Miami Beach, Harlem, but for tax purposes I now live in Miami. LOL. I love you, you mean?






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