NFL Top 6 Schedule Release Videos

Out of the NFL’s control միակ The only good part of scheduling abuse is team videos. All 32 teams in the Social Media League are trying to create the most challenging, awe-inspiring schedule possible, and at the moment it has become their own competition between the teams.

Simple graphics have long since disappeared and have now been replaced by works of art. Now is the time to celebrate the absolute best of the NFL this year. These are the videos of the best release schedule of 2022.

No. 1 Los Angeles Chargers, Anime

This is an absolute perfection և probably the biggest schedule video of all time. The Chargers have gone so far as not only to fully revitalize their release schedule, but also to awaken some of the best anime ever on the road. Whether it’s Naruto, One Piece, One Punch Man or Food Wars, all of these elements come together in perfection.

The Chargers have come a long, long way since they accidentally tweeted about PF Changs.

No. 2. Detroit Lions, “Detroit Urban Survival Training”

Nothing on the Internet has aroused much interest in Detroit in recent years as the meme-inspired Detroit Urban Survival Training. DUST has spread across TikTok, Instagram և Twitter. teaches us all the lessons of how to take a knife out of an attacker and destroy it, as Liam Neeson did. Retrieved: Films. I love this.

No. 3. Denver Broncos, Intern Russ

Generating last year’s Intern Peyton Manning The Broncos returned to the well with their new defender. Russell Wilson gets land in Denver, feels what it means to be the new guy at work. Very well done.

No. 3: Carolina Panthers, “Back to the 90s”

Carolina longed to remind us of all that was wonderful (: horrible) in the ’90s. From music to commercials to the horrors of dial-up internet, this has it all. This is a strong effort by the Panthers, or perhaps not as bright or fun as the others on this list.

No. 4. Dallas Cowboys, “Stephen A. Smith »

There is nothing else to say. Even if you hate SAS, it’s really funny: well done.

No. 5. New York Giants, “Eli’s Secret Project”

Everyone wants Manning to release their schedule, the giants gave us both. Both Ellie and Peyton star in this one, it’s a fun celebration not only for the former Giants QB, but also a reminder of how great the Manning brothers are together.

No. 6. Seattle Seahawks, “Fake Schedule”

This one is simple, insidious and wonderful. Telling players that they should have been playing Thanksgiving և Christmas this year, revealing that they said goodbye to the unusually early 5th week, ending it with the funniest travel schedule imaginable, this joke is so unfair և it և wonderful :

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