Nicole Remy of “The Courtship” admits that it is “terrible” to fall for “more than one person”

Nicole Remy he knew exactly what he wanted from the beginning of his journey Love, և it is an offer. “It’s really what I was looking for. “I said last night that I wanted to fall in love and find my husband,” said Nicole HollywoodLife: EXCLUSIVE.

throughout LoveNicole has taken on her love story. He got acquainted very fast-paced seekers while living the fantasy of his best fairy tales as Love moves his heroine որդ suitors in Regency style to England.

Nicole Remy in “Love”. (US Network)

Love The final is fast approaching. Whether he can not announce the final results of his journey, Nicole pondered whether he was satisfied with how it was going and what lay ahead.

“I would say that it seems to me that I was able to establish such amazing connections during the show,” said Nicole. “It’s something that many people think is impossible during a dating show. It’s been a few months, և you think, well, how can these people really fall in love? How can they actually make suggestions in the end? Well, I’ll say it right now, when it ‘s possible to make such connections, especially during a show where everything is deeper, real and clear. And with that the whole Regent side, I felt I could open up in a way I could not do in the modern world. I think the boys were like that after all. I can say that I have established really, really deep relationships, I have started to love more than one person. That’s really awful. That’s what I can tell you. “

One of the most shocking moments of the show so far was Mr. Holland’s heartfelt farewell. Nicole said that she does not regret any decision she made during the show. However, he would like Mr. Holland to be more open about the true nature of his feelings for him. “But again, at the end of the day, I’m happy with my decisions, I’m confident in them,” he said.

Nicole Remy
With Nicole Remin Miles in “Love”. (US Network)

During the season, Nicole looked like a real princess in stunning dresses, just out of a fairy tale romance. “The funny thing is that I do not like to wear clothes or colors, so this was the most comfort zone I have ever been in,” said Nicole. “But I loved it, I accepted it. I liked feeling like a princess, I think it helped me feel like I could find my prince, you know? ” Love airs Wednesday, 23:00 on USA Network.

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