Non-alcoholic whiskeys. Ritual և Monday

For the past year or two, I’ve been seeing non-alcoholic versions of popular liqueurs appearing on store shelves and in social media ads. There are NA major versions of each major spirits made by one or both of the brands mentioned in this post, but today we will focus on Ritual և Monday Whiskeys.

Whether it is “Zero Proof” (ritual) or “Zero alcohol” (Monday), the effect is the same. These are whiskey-flavored substitutes without a drop of alcohol. Of course, there are several reasons for this, as the 2020 epidemic increases the alcohol consumption of many people, there may not be a better time to present them. Each of them makes a good substitute for cocktail whiskey.

Both Ritual and Monday seem to have their flavor profiles based on the American whiskeys, bourbons, or tennis whiskeys we are familiar with. Scottish drunkards may need to look for other brands to match their account.


The absence of alcohol “bite” is something you will immediately notice in the case of both products, but Ritual seems to replace it with cinnamon, a good choice for those who like Maker’s Mark or Evan Williams. The taste of the ritual is wood, then cinnamon with a slightly sweet finish. If calorie intake is the reason you take NA whiskey, then Ritual will only give you back 10 calories per shot. Buy the ritual at

Monday zero alcohol whiskey

I noticed a lot on Monday due to the rather aggressive social media advertising campaign,, of course, the art deco bottle design is absolutely gorgeous. Monday is a little more fragrant bomb than Ritual, or the tastes are completely different. There are traces of wood on Monday, followed by a citrus / sour orange color. This one seems more suitable for Jim Beam or Jack Daniels drinkers. It will bring you 0 calories on Monday. Buy Monday from


As O’Douls has shown us for decades, there is definitely room for a non-alcoholic beverage. And Ritual են will provide non-alcoholic, non-alcoholic, low-calorie snacks on Monday. I have to give it to you straight, neatly on the rocks or on the rocks, both tasty a bit like whiskey, without burning the mouth. The experience is quite good. In the cocktail, both of them shine quite well. a Manhattan will not give you a completely alcohol-free drink (let’s call it alcohol-tea), but it oldstyle will

Rituals are quite affordable on Mondays ($ 30-45 each), so if you need a whiskey replacement for any reason, both will fit in well with the bill.

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