North Korea announces the outbreak of its first Covid.

Analysts have questioned whether the Covid outbreak will affect Mr Kim’s plan to resume nuclear testing. US-South Korean officials warned last week that North Korea could resume such tests this month, possibly as soon as President Biden meets with South Korea’s new president. Yun Suk-Yol, was born on May 21 in Seoul.

They were wondering if North Korea would change its policy Refusal to provide any humanitarian assistance related to the epidemic, including donations of vaccines from the World Health Organization. South Korean officials hope that humanitarian deliveries, including the Covid-19 vaccine, could help resume the stalled dialogue between North Korea and its “allies”.

Mr Isley of Ewha Womans University says North Koreans may be less interested in nuclear or missile tests when the most pressing threat is to the coronavirus rather than to foreign troops. But Mr. Cheong said, “If something happens, the North Korean leadership will probably try to lift the spirits of the people through nuclear or missile tests.”

Along with North Korea, Turkmenistan’s several small island states, such as Tuvalu and Nauru, have reported no coronavirus cases. Johns Hopkins University data.

However, the North has used the most severe restrictions in the world to keep the virus out.

In 2020, he created a buffer zone along the border with China, ordering the shooting to stop unauthorized crossings, according to South Korean and US officials. That year, when? a man North Korea, which has moved from South Korea to North Korea, has declared a national emergency, fearing it could infect the virus. It was also accused of shooting a South Korean fisherman in its waters. burning his body for fear of the virus.

North Korea has also been highly hesitant to use the Covid vaccine. It is not known that some doses were imported. It’s supposed to be the country only one of the two nations in the world The Covid-19 vaccination initiative has not yet begun, although news reports suggest that some key figures, such as top management elites, may be vaccinated.

Mr. Kim himself has never appeared in public in disguise. All of the officials who attended the Politburo meeting on Thursday wore them, except for Mr. Kim, according to photos released by North Korean state media.

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