One can not hope that someone will be a hero

My advice, if you are an active shooter, is the same regardless of your age. Listen to the source of the shot. Give yourself a maximum of two seconds for this task. They are not firecrackers. Then run as fast as you can in the other direction, do not stop running until the only thing you do not hear is the chirping of birds, the wind in the trees or grass is the beating of your heart. My advice is different only if you are responsible for others at the scene, in which case you have to force those others to run away with you, or if you are an armed guard or police officer, in which case you also have to run, but not far.

Videos from Robbie Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, show parents urging police to raid a school and release their children who were at school with a murderer. At the time of the video, their requests for “these police officers are well-armed” were denied, and they are apparently not engaging in more strenuous activities than waiting in the parking lot. According to: The Wall Street Journal:the police sprinkled with pepper Outside of school, the father ղթ handcuffed the excited mother as she tried to enter. He drove 40 miles to school. When his handcuffs were removed, he “jumped over the school fence and ran to catch his two children.” He hurried out of the school with them. ”

These cops are people, they certainly did not intend to rob until the killer finished his tour. Maybe they were behind their training or under command. I suspect I could have slandered these cops more bitterly than those who subjected them, now that they know exactly what happened inside the school. In many such situations, normal people are limited by their moral imagination. Of course, the events unfolding nearby can not that: evil! Maybe rushing to the shooter will only make the situation worse. If the worst case scenario you can imagine is the tragedy of one or two dead teachers, you may not act with urgency, which corresponds to a situation where the number of bodies is more than 20 and the bodies are all small.

What can we do about it? Bruce Schneier received some of the wisest counterterrorism consultants since the 9/11 attacks. profiled: Charles K. Mann’s September 2002 issue Atlantic Ocean. Cryptography և security engineer Schneier stressed that the best countermeasures failed well. If your plan to stop skyscraper flights is for weapons not to pass through TSA checkpoints, then your plan is bad, because the weapons will eventually pass, so what? If your plan is to train the passengers to fight for their lives, this is a good plan, because no matter what happens, there will always be people on the planes who will be ready to snatch the captives like a pack of hyenas.

Senator Ted Cruz was the subject of ridicule yesterday for proposing that schools review their security with only one door. The only point of entry can be controlled by a security squad ready for all kinds of threats. This crazy suggestion would have failed miserably as soon as the guards nodded, or were ambushed, or dropped their weapons. Then the murderer is at school with his victims. Attempts to stop school shootings by seizing nearly 400 million firearms in the United States fail the same laughter test. Yes, it would be nice to have guns harder to getbut it would be better, given that we live in reality, to plan for the day (at present rates, probably next week) when a very bad person gets a gun and gets mad at it.

What will work better? It seems that Uvalde’s law enforcement officers were unprepared. (The comparison of 9/11 applies. At Uvalde, they seemed to be expecting a confrontation, just as the US authorities had planned to end all hostilities with negotiations or a one-way ticket to Cuba.) The police would probably have to prepare for a lightning strike. By the first officers at the scene, announce in advance that the automatic response to such events is not to wait for a second for a god to come in and kill the shooter. No one else steals the plane, because they know that the immediate response is the anger of the passengers, who understand that they will die if they do not kill the hijacker first. Shooters need to know that they will not have time to take hostages, negotiate or search for victims in the corridors.

To make weapons more difficult to obtain, politicians, especially Republicans, will demand disobedience to the National Rifle Association, many of their constituents who value their weapons, and in many cases use them responsibly. That disobedience may never happen. But no legislation is required to impose social costs on special arms dealers who are ultimately responsible for handing over the weapons to the killers. I would like him to forget the name of the murderer in Uvalde, and the name of the arms seller. sold let his weapons be known to everyone in America.

Resist the temptation to make bad choices about infrastructure. After such events, schools և anxious parents demand more locks և fewer doors. In Uvalde, the locks seemed to keep the rescuers out and the killer inside. Instead, fewer locks, doors everywhere. Everyone should have a way out as soon as possible. (Making schools look like prisons can have other benefits as well.) And finally, you can not count on someone to be a hero or to call right in such a horrible situation that no imagination or region can realistically imitate. That’s why you need to teach your kids to run.

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