Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horvat test positive for COVID-19 just before election | CBC News:

Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horvat tested positive for COVID-19 just two weeks before the state election.

Horvat said he tested positive during the rapid test on Thursday morning.

“Like many others in this epidemic, I tested positive for COVID-19 this morning,” Horvat tweeted.

“We do everything to make everyone safe.”

His diagnosis comes in the middle of the state election campaign, a day after Ontario Green Party leader Mike Schreiner tested positive for COVID-19.

The Croatian said in a statement that he should make some adjustments, but “will continue to connect with people as best I can.”

He was to make an announcement on Sault Ste. Marin, Ont., Today but now runs a remote campaign from the Ottawa Hotel, following public health advice.

Croatia will miss a stop-and-land tour in several Ontario cities in the coming days as current state public health regulations require that people be isolated for five days after the first COVID-19 symptoms appear or a positive test result is the first. be. .

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