Opinion |: Why is US military aid working in Ukraine?

The United States is going to send $ 40 billion aid to Ukraine after the chamber approved the aid package on Tuesday. Or, in the Senate, the funds have been temporarily suspended due to an objection Senator Rand PaulR-Ky, is the size? is expected to pass in the coming week, back about $ 15 billion in military aid. It will bring Full US support for Ukraine More than $ 53 billion since the beginning of the war.

These figures may seem shocking, but they are pale in comparison to the money that Washington spent on the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan or Vietnam. However, the result was much more effective.

Washington wisely arranged for Ukraine to receive Soviet-style weapons that its military knew how to operate and maintain, rather than reflectively promoting US-made equipment.

Despite the tens of billions of dollars spent on rebuilding Iraq զ from scratch in Afghanistan, the latter: infamously melted in 2021 before the US completes its withdrawal from the country. Meanwhile, Iraqi weapons almost collapsed after the Islamic State terrorist group appeared in 2013, which requires massive injections of foreign air force, advisers և financial assistance to drive ISIS out of Iraq. And then more than that Decade of US military assistance, South Vietnam fell Two years after the US invasion of North Vietnam in 1975.

In contrast, Ukraine has been a huge success story. Why is that?

Well, from the beginning, the Ukrainian society as a whole was ready to fight for the defense of his country. The government did not rely on the US military to support it, to force unwanted recruits to defend it. And despite the political divisions, over time The Ukrainian people have become friendly closer relations with Western Europe and the United States. In contrast, weapons, money, and the blood of thousands of American troops could not provide nationwide support to the governments of South Vietnam and Afghanistan’s Afghanistan.

The spirit of national resistance in Ukraine also means that most of the American weapons transferred to the local forces were used for their intended purpose. In contrast, they saw corruption և infidelity (և disloyalty) in huge numbers. US military assistance to AfghanistanIraq ավային South Vietnam disappear և even appear with enemy forces.

In Ukraine, the United States – NATO is helping the country develop its existing strengths – from top to bottom, instead of redeploying the army, as the United States should have done in Iraq when stupid. dispersed the whole army After the overthrow of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. In Ukraine, since 2014, when war broke out in the eastern part of the country, Washington has instead allowed Ki to make better use of its vast stockpile of Soviet artillery and armored vehicles. up-to-date training և tactics.

It also focuses mainly on the supply of non-lethal systems that allow Ukrainian troops to use their firepower more effectively, such as: conflict radars who helped the Ukrainian forces detect the artillery attacks, night vision goggles which allow Ukrainian units act from time to time Russian units can not and secure communication systems which protect the location of their troops.

When it became clear earlier this year that Ukraine was in grave danger of being completely invaded by Russia, US’s British’s defense officials were right to provide lethal weapons that could be quickly supplied in large quantities and quickly come to the fore for maximum influence. In particular, thousands Advanced portable Javelin և Stinger missiles which have light logistical and educational requirements, were ideal for ambushing Russian armored columns or hitting low-flying helicopters աթիռ planes.

This is a clever change from providing Abrams tanks to Iraq and Blackhawk helicopters to those natives in Afghanistan. struggled to maintain without: Abundant support from US contractors.

It is possible that the White House helped the Ukrainians swamp the more powerful Russian military Deployment of American combat troops or aircraft in the combat zone. It definitely helped US domestic support Ukraine remains at a high level, while Ki gives more agency to manage the war as it sees fit, reducing the risk of Ukrainian forces relying on direct US support.

What has allowed the United States to avoid endangering its troops is that it has moved to Training of Ukrainian soldiers In European countries from the moment Putin started escalating hostilities.

Some critics claim that President Joe Biden Ukraine should have had stronger weapons before or at the beginning of the war jet fighters or: Patriot missiles. However, Biden should have considered the possibility that Ukraine could collapse a few days before the Russian attack, because. predicted by some intelligence analystsallowing the weapons to fall into the hands of the Russians before the Ukrainians use them.

Moreover, Biden should have avoided arming Ukraine in a way that Moscow could use to justify the invasion. Putin was eventually forced to attack without justification, putting him in a weaker position.

The Biden administration, however, was resourceful enough to change course as circumstances allowed. When it became clear that Ukraine would not be knocked out, Biden մյուս The other NATO allies moved heavier և advanced weapons.

In Ukraine, the United States – NATO is helping the country develop its existing strengths – from top to bottom, instead of reinventing the army, as the United States had to do in Iraq when it foolishly disbanded the entire army.

When he did, Washington wisely organized the issue of Ukraine In order to obtain Soviet-style weapons, his troops knew how to operate and maintain rather than reflexively assist with US-made equipment. Although the United States did not have many Soviet weapons at its disposal, it had NATO allies such as Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic he did Thus, the Biden administration persuaded those countries mix old Soviet tanks with artillery, aircraft parts Ammunition to Ukraine, promising to replenish its stockpiles with more modern American systems. This strengthened the military capabilities of NATO allies while releasing weapons that Ukraine could immediately use in its struggle for survival.

Nevertheless, Washington has provided simpler American systems that Ukraine can accept relatively easily, e.g. Armored Humvees:Howitzers և: Switchblade kamikaze drones. In a remarkably short time, the Pentagon too developed և served Specially designed attack drone for Ukraine to be used against armored targets; Mysterious “coast guard” drones which the US Navy has not officially begun to use.

In the coming months և years, US aid is likely to shift to more advanced capabilities that will take longer to integrate, probably including fighter jets. long-range combat drones և: anti-ship missiles. But this is possible only now, because the decisive, tactically skilled Ukrainian troops that help Spearsstopped Russia at the beginning of the war.

Whether or not no one should win a congratulatory victory in this horrific, unfinished war, the Biden administration deserves respect for better measuring its military support than the United States in other conflicts. These are hard-to-learn but powerful lessons that we hope will serve the country well the next time it discusses intervention.

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