Ossetian summer

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Add Yamazaki, Strega, Amaro Nonino, lemon juice, honey syrup to the shakes և Bitter Peyshaud. Add ice, shake vigorously until well frozen. Wash the frozen compartment with Peat Monster (or other peat tape). Squeeze the contents of the shakers into the compartment. Garnish with a twist of a burning lemon.


Citrus, whiskey և smoke on the nose. Light alcohol, honey and herbs enhance the taste ahead. The lemon jumps in a little, less than you expected, then the dark whiskey smoke reigns. The decoration turns into a lighter citrus smoked with honey. This one is so light և it will let you beg more. Delicious, light summer whiskey-based drink.

Ossetian Summer 2:


As a fan Peat monster Scottish, I especially enjoy washing glasses with it to add a little smoke to my cocktails (if you can not tell). While another peat is Scottish, like: Lafroigwill work, I really enjoy the taste Peat monster. This one is inspired by another drink that uses my favorite Scottish peat rinse…

Ossetian summer is based on / inspired by alcohol Adam Bernbach In DC, Proof is called Sorry, Konish. I had this some time ago (before) The Straight Up:) և has since played with recreating something like this.

If memory serves, Sorry, Konish had Yamazaki, Galliano, honey syrup, lemon juice առը Peishaud bitter rinse with Peat Monster. Unfortunately, I never got those odds. I went back to: Proof: try again after starting The Straight Up:in anticipation of presenting it, but unfortunately the drink was off the menu, since then, they had been left out Yamazaki:.

I’m looking for something to do similarI took what I remembered about the drink and left test:. I really enjoy its light taste Japanese Whiskey: և Of course cigarettes Peat monster to flush I thought Witch և: Amaro Nonino It would be a nice touch to take Galliano’s place.

I also like this one Meyer lemon juice that gives a little orange flavor. It is said that ordinary lemon will also be good. I’m stuck Peysho bitter because it adds a nice texture և complexity without the predominance of lighter notes of the drink.

Ossetian summer makes it fragrant but easy summer drain that I’m sure you will enjoy. With a side note, if you reach DC, check Proof: for some great cocktails, not to mention high quality food.


Ossetian summer is basically a classic version Whiskey acid. Another great sour whiskey The Final Rosea Last word fluctuations.

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