Our homemade Limoncello is easier than you think

There is so much to love Kachka. return to Russian cuisine Bonnie Frumkin by Morales, the last champion of our “Pigs”, but one thing that touched me the most – vodka. Which, of course, makes sense if you know me. Because I hate vodka. Or I thought I did.

KachkaThe first chapter is about vodka, or, more specifically, about infusing it. Tarragon, horseradish, chamomile, cocoa paste, cranberry, strawberry. From Morales’ point of view, the possibilities are practically limitless. “Alcohol is a perfect way to preserve and enhance the taste,” he writes.

I just thought, like an Italian limoncello. This strong, fragrant, Italian lemon liqueur is usually enjoyed as a digestion or after-dinner drink. I first met by chance when I was in Italy with my mom, who demanded limoncello as often as possible after we went home for pizza and pasta. When in Rome! But literally.

In: The Tuscan Sun Cookbook: By Francis Mayes և Edward Mayes, they suggest spraying on a glass of lemonade. But pour this on ice, it can practically be lemonade, sweet և sour և refreshing. Just, you know, be careful. “Some people are in love with this, they drink three or four glasses because it seems innocent,” they write. “This is wrong.”

Food52 crew writer Kelly Vaughn has developed a cocktail recipe featuring limoncello for her summer wedding. He called it “Lemon Strainer” – made it from equal parts of limoncello, prosciutto – carbonated water. “It’s like a lemonade drink, a super-bubbly version, perfect for a hot July day.” he said.

How to make Limoncello

There are so many delicious brands of limoncello that you can buy in a liquor store (Pallini և Landucci is one of our favorites), but you can also make your own limoncello at home. Our recipe requires only 15 minutes of practical work, but you have to wait at least a week to be able to drink it. Add the following ingredients: 11 lemons, 1 (750 ml) bottle of vodka, 1 glass of freshly boiled water և 1 glass of granulated sugar.

Start by peeling the lemon peel in thick layers, avoiding the white stone as much as possible, add it to a large glass container. Pour the vodka into a container and mix the two together. Add them և peppercorns in a large glass jar with a lid. Add vodka, mix, then close the jar tightly with a lid. Let the lemons and vodka infuse at room temperature, preferably in a cool, shady place, such as a cellar, for at least five days or up to a month. The longer you let it sit, the more it will taste like lemon (I personally liked the taste just a week later).

When you are satisfied with the taste, squeeze the vodka through a sieve, squeezing the lemon zest to get the last drop of limoncello. Add equal parts water, granulated sugar, heat in a saucepan until the sugar dissolves, stirring frequently. Leave the mixture to cool, then slowly mix in the limoncello. Store limoncello in the refrigerator or freezer (preferably) indefinitely.

Limoncello variations

Limoncello recipes often differ for two reasons.

Type of alcohol:It all depends on the evidence or the amount of alcohol. Most vodka is 80 contraindicated or 40% alcohol. This is what I prefer here. It is well absorbed, very strong, but still allows the taste of limoncello to shine. Or you can be stronger with, say, higher-grade vodka or the most effective, neutral grain alcohol. Some people claim that they give stronger flavors, but they also give stronger limoncello. The result will be more drink, which I personally think is less tasty to drink as a digestive agent.

Sugar content:After soaking the “lemon peel” alcohol, before opening the jar, it smells like crawling in a lemon tree, and the liquid is golden, it should be sweetened. I’m not a sweet drinker, but it’s possible here. The amount, however, is up to you. Starting from a 750 ml vodka bottle, I will add 1 cup of sugar dissolved in 1 cup of hot water to get a simple syrup. Some recipes increase that amount four times. Start small, taste կառուց build from there.

Other additions:Many limoncello recipes end with those few ingredients, but I wanted to do something special. My recipe differs in one thing: pepper. Adding some crushed peppercorns with lemon peel adds a little spice, warmth, a little squeezing in the throat, which I really like in the digestive tract. I call it limoncello e pepe. Or after a glass cello և pepper. Just perfect after a large cup of cacio e pepe.

We originally published this article in April 2018. We bring it back because it’s hot, like cold limontelo, it certainly sounds good right now. Have you ever made vodka before? With what? Let us know in the comments!

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