Overdose deaths continue to rise with fentanyl ներով main culprits

According to Dr. Zink in Alaska, fentanyl kills many overdose victims before passers-by or paramedics can resuscitate them with naloxone, a drug that can quickly reverse opioid overdoses.

“You have no second chance if you do not have naloxone immediately available,” he said.

a recent study Illegal pills confiscated by drug authorities have revealed that a significant portion of OxyContin, Xanax, or Adderall, for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, now contains fentanyl. The spread of these fake pills may explain a the last sharp increase Overdose deaths in adolescents who are less likely to inject drugs than in the elderly.

Pat Allen, director of the Oregon Health Authority, said that as was the case in other states with overdoses of deaths, the obvious difference in 2021 was the ubiquity of fentanyl. Children under 12 years old is considered a high risk to buy fake fentanyl tablets և High school students take too much on them, believing that they are opioid analgesics or anti-anxiety drugs. The United States was working to send naloxone kits to schools, much like the program it used in fast food restaurants where people overdosed on baths.

Mr Allen said he had seen an alarming increase in people taking overdoses.

“We had an addiction problem in Oregon that we knew about a long time ago,” he said. “It takes away the problem of addiction, it makes it so much more dangerous.”

Overdose has become one of the leading causes of death in the United States by 2021, similar to the number of people dying from diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and about a quarter of the deaths from Covid-19. The main cause of death According to the CDC

In Vermont, which saw the largest increase in overdose deaths last year, 93 percent of opioid deaths were related to fentanyl, according to Kelly Dogerty, the state’s health commissioner.

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