Peguis First Nation crews step up to flood protection in anticipation of more rain | CBC News:

With more rain expected this week, flood control at Peguis First Nation is gaining momentum today, with crews quickly working to build barns and sandbags around homes.

In recent days, the water level in the community has dropped so much that the tractor trailer was able to deliver to a local grocery store.

However, according to forecasts, the rain has worried the residents that the water level will rise again.

Gavar flood forecast met with community leaders on Sunday, telling them that with increased precipitation, the area could see water levels rise again by 30 centimeters or more, said Mayor Glenn Hudson.

That prompted the First Nation to add more sandbags and strengthen tiger dams around homes, he said.

Most of the causes of waterlogging are that the community closes the main road every night to pump water from one side of the road to the other, where it flows into the river.

The First Nation closes its main road every night to pump water. (Jason Empson / CBC)

It really helped lower the levels, Hudson said, but people are getting worn out.

“We have very tired, tired people, but we continue to protect our homes, our communities. So that’s the only right thing to do for us. “

The staff works for 10 days in a row

Sandbag crews have been working hard for ten days, trying to save as many houses as possible.

Kivedin McPherson was one of Peguis’ crew members. On Monday, he said they hoped to put a sandbag in at least five homes.

“We are guaranteed to save as many people’s homes as we can,” he said.

“It costs money, but with our staff we change every time someone needs a break. We always help each other. ”

Kivedin McPherson was busy sandbaging at Peguis First Nation on Monday. (Jason Empson / CBC)

For the past 10 days, Theron Wilson has been out in the community inspecting people’s homes and pets that they could not take with them or bring in supplies.

Things got much worse for his teammate when his ATV started sinking a few days ago. He said he had to jump into the high water of his chest to get it out.

“I mean, when I came home here, it was nothing but laughter. I’m safe, I’m fine. So that’s all that’s possible, isn’t it?

About 2000 evacuated

According to Indigenous Services Canada, as of Monday, more than 1,800 evacuees had fled their homes in Peguis, now living outside of Winnipeg, Gimli, Selkirk, Brandon and Portage la Prairie hotels.

Peguis has 3,521 members, usually living in reserve և 6,504 members out of reserve.

More than 1,800 people have been forced to flee their homes in Peguis due to flooding. (Jason Empson / CBC)

More than 700 homes were affected by the floods, at least 200 of which were completely flooded and considered uninhabited.

The floods now threatened the community’s septic tank, forcing more than 40 people to flee on Monday, Hudson said.

Hudson said it will probably be at least a month, or maybe more, before residents can return home.

“So we just ask people to be very patient,” he said.

“Many events are planned, extracurricular activities for children, for all those who have been evacuated. So, you know, people have done fantastic work. ”

This is not the first time the community has experienced a flood, but it is believed to be one of the worst years ever.

This is believed to be the worst flooding in the Interlake community. (Jason Empson / CBC)

Asked whether the state would consider Peguis long-term flood protection, Infrastructure Minister Doyle Pivnyuk said it was something Manitoba should work with the federal government to consult with the region’s first nations.

“We need to look at what happened this time to see what solutions work together,” he said.

For now, Pivnyuk said the state is focused on helping Peguis and other communities cope with the spring flood season.

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