Pina Colada Fizz:

One of the most interesting jars I found when I opened my Sugarlands sponsor was their Piña Colada Moonshine. I was thinking about a great cocktail with it for a few weeks, և one day I discovered Trader Joe’s new product that I think will really shine (the purpose of the pun). Island Colada mineral water, carbonated water. , sugar-free water, which I knew would work well with this moon.

So I developed a recipe for what I call Piña Colada Fizz using Sugarlands’ Piña Colada Moonshine, Island Colada Mineral Water և Banana Liqueur. This is an amazingly hot weather cocktail.

Pinya Collada Phys (Greg Mays)

  • in: Collins glass filled with ice, add.
  • 2 oz Sugarlands Piña Colada Moonshine:
  • 1/4 ounce banana liqueur (banana cream)
  • Top Trader Joe’s Island Colada Mineral Water (plain mineral water would also be fine)
  • mix briefly
  • Garnish with cherries
Special thanks to our sponsor, Sugarlands Distilling Co.

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