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Add Aperol, Campari և Cynar in a glass jar. Fill with crushed ice և mix quickly, garnish with a long grapefruit twist. If you use Elixir Vegetal, add two dashes to it.


Grapefruit lace citrus. An overview of quinine: herbs. Orange rhino և chocolate on the tongue with a long, dark chocolate coating.

Elixir Vegetal adds wonderful herbal anise notes to nose & palate as it sweetens things. It completely changes the dynamics, adds a little sugar to the finish.

Pinarello 2:


Negron Week right in the corner (June 2-8). What can you ask? In addition to celebrating one of my favorite cocktails of all time, Negroni Week is also a great opportunity to try out Negroni’s great options և fight և to support a good cause. Part of the proceeds goes to a local charity. What’s better than a drink? Drink for a good reason.

Just because I’m not making any money from this site (it does little to keep it alive), I can not actually donate any “revenue”, but that does not mean I can not share a small Negoni riff. with all of you. This is a riff on one of my favorite Negro versions, Bottechia.

Pinarello 3:

I posted this one a while ago, but: Bottechia contains my favorite 3 cups in one drink. Camp:, Internet: և: Early. I liked how well this one worked, but it’s a little heavier և I wanted to do something a little more comfortable for warmer weather. I decided to give up Fernet for a lighter fruit Aperol. I changed it from a drink to crushed ice to increase the refreshing factor.

Can you add that too? Herbal elixir In Pinarello to really change the taste, making it lighter և և vegetarian. Don’t have an elixir? Regular Green Chartreuse will do. It also slightly reduces the taste of cocoa. I love this one on both sides.

What makes it great? հըհ…. Campari, Cynar, Aperol… in one cocktail… but seriously, Pinarello will be delicious all year round. As it is nice, serve it on crushed ice. Go for a big ice rock in the fall. At the end, serve it to warm up in winter. The other nice thing about this one is. This is rather low evidence, as the strongest component, Campari, has 48 pieces of evidence. Hell, why not fix one of these bad guys, go! և See where you are going to drink next week.

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