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Add Nolet’s Gin, Dolin Blanc, Aperol և Peach Bitters to the frozen mixing bowl. Add ice և: mix: until well cooled. Squeeze into a glass of iced cocktail. Pour a few drops of rose water on top, then garnish with lemon turn.


Light notes of rose, citrus, fresh peach and botanicals on the nose. The taste is light on the tongue, airy and refreshing with similar notes: peach, rose, citrus, rhubarb, botanicals, weak bitter quinine. The sensation in the mouth is so light in front that it seems as if you are drinking rose water and peach juice. Light alcohol passes through the tip of the palate. The finish starts smooth, sweet, then dries with a barely bitter finish.

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I finally had a chance to try what I have instantly to become a new favorite premium gin. Noleti. After tasting it neatly, I was inspired to play a bit and made some cocktails. Those who do not know Noleti is a premium gin that has accents rose և: peach in addition to other more traditional botanical materials. It is lighter, smoother և not as dry as regular London Dry. If the taste is very different, think of it as you might think Hendrikhigh quality gin with a little something more: than the “average” gin, but smoother than Hendrik’s gin. I could see that Nolet “gateway gin», Tempting vodka lovers who have not developed much gin taste.

I wanted to save for this one rose և: peach Accents prevail, so bitter peach արդ rose water seemed a natural addition. I started with Manzanilla Sherrywhich was quite good, but slightly exceeded the original taste Noleti. I tried Dry vermouth which was excellent և perfectly balanced, but in fact a Martin (definitely delicious with Nolet’s, btw). Finally I left Dolin Blanc (white sweet vermouth), which provides a really great balance a Martin և a: Martinez. Bitter արդ rose water emphasizes Nolet, meanwhile Aperol sweetens the drink, flattering it with orange, rhubarb’s bitter accents.

All in all, this is a surprisingly refreshing drink that will surely captivate its fans. Martin և: Martinezlike the new ones classic cocktails. Go and say what you think.

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