Plain cucumber feta salad

There is nothing better than a thick, salty cucumber feta salad. It is perfect for lunches, parties, summer barbecues, etc.

Cucumber feta salad

There is nothing better than the freezing crunch of a cucumber salad և this one raises it with salty cheese. Try this Cucumber feta salad! It is clear if there is a thick vinegar և salt feta in each bite. Thinly sliced ​​onion adds a hint of spiced onion, it is richly seasoned with salt and pepper. This is the best crunchy combination for almost any meal. It is great for lunches, parties, summer barbecues, etc.

Cucumber feta salad ingredients

There are many ways to make a cucumber salad. In fact, we do it most often Cucumber salad with vinegar, where thin slices of cucumber and onion are marinated in vinegar sauce for an hour before serving. Feta salad with this cucumber is easier. just mix cucumber with olive oil, vinegar, feta և a few herbs և you can eat right away. Here’s what you need.

  • English cucumber
  • Olive oil
  • Red wine vinegar
  • Feta cheese
  • Fresh herbs: onion, dill or other
  • Salt and pepper
Cucumber feta salad

Why use English cucumber here?

The best type of cucumber is to use feta salad with this cucumber. English cucumber, Persian cucumber of the same name. It has a much better taste and texture that works well in this salad. That’s why we prefer it here.

  • English cucumber They are long, straight, with thin skin with pointed edges. The seeds are very small, the taste is sweeter than ordinary cucumber. The flesh is bright green, which looks good in salads. The best. Due to the thin skin և small seeds do not need to be cleaned or seeded before eating. In the product section next to standard cucumber you can find English cucumber. It is sold with a plastic cover to protect delicate skin.
  • Chop a standard cucumber They are shorter, thick, with dark green bark and very large seeds. Thick peels և seeds can be bitter, so they are often removed during cooking. You can use it here, but first you need to clean it and sow it. But we highly recommend looking for a variety of English.
Cucumber feta salad

To add herbs

This cucumber feta salad goes well with a handful of fresh herbs. There are some great options that work best here.

  • Fresh onions worked well
  • Fresh dill goes well with cucumbers
  • Fresh basil adds a pinch of pepper
  • Fresh oregano also works

What to avoid? Woody, strong herbs such as rosemary, sage, and even thyme do not go well with cucumbers. they are darker, more moody than you would like in this fresh salad.

More Cucumber Salad Recipes

There are many ways to make cucumber salad. We hope you like this one. If you’re looking for more ways to use cucumbers, here are some ideas.

This cucumber feta salad recipe…

Vegetable և without gluten.


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There is nothing better than a thick, salty cucumber feta salad. It is perfect for lunches, parties, summer barbecues, etc.

  • 2: English cucumber
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 3 tablespoons red wine vinegar
  • ½ teaspoon kosher salt
  • 6 ounces feta cheese
  • 2 tablespoons chopped fresh herbs (such as onions or dill)
  • Freshly ground pepper

  1. Cut the cucumbers into thin circles. In a large bowl, combine cucumber with olive oil and red wine vinegar. kosher saltfeta cheese, chopped herbs և a few ground peppers.
  2. Eat immediately or leave for 15 minutes to mix the flavors. Store in the refrigerator for up to 3 days; It accumulates liquid during storage, so serve with a slotted spoon.

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  • Method: No cook
  • Kitchen: Salad
  • Diet: Vegetarian

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