Police say the guest was found dead at a sandal resort in the Bahamas

Bahamas (CW44 News At 10 | CNN) – Three people who died last week at a sandal resort in the Bahamas, Florida, Tennessee, scientists and investigators are working to determine the cause of death, said the island’s police commissioner on Monday. .

The pathologist will perform an autopsy on Monday, said Paul Roll, commissioner of the Royal Police Force in the Bahamas. Acting Prime Minister of the Bahamas Chester Cooper said that there is no suspicion of a bad game in the death that took place on Friday.

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Authorities are working on plans to repatriate the dead, and arrangements have been made to hand over their assets to their representatives in the United States, Rolle said.

Judges are collecting samples from the dead, and a laboratory in Philadelphia is assisting in toxicological research, Rolland said. The laboratory expects that the results will be ready in seven days, he said. “Scientists have collected samples from victims’ rooms to check for contaminants,” he said.

Officials declined to say whether any contaminants had been found in the samples so far. Pathologists will submit an official report when the tests are completed, Rolle said.

Michael Phillips, 68, and his wife, Robbie Phillips, 65, of Tennessee, were pronounced dead at the resort on Friday, as was Vincent Paul Chiarella, 64, of Florida, who was found in a separate room in an irresponsible manner.

A fourth American, Chiarella’s 65-year-old wife, Donis Chiarella, was found with her husband. She was airlifted to a hospital in the Bahamas before being taken to Kendall Hospital in Miami, where she is in normal condition, said Jennifer Gerrier, a spokeswoman for the Florida East Hospital Corporation.

Their son, Austin Chiarella, told ABC News that his mother “woke up, my father was lying on the floor, he could not move.” “His legs and arms were swollen, he could not move, he shouted for someone to enter through the door.”

Donis Chiarella told his son he was ill on Thursday, but after being discharged from the clinic, he “thought he was fine”, according to ABC.

He said he was saddened by his father’s death. “My father was everything to me,” he told ABC.

CNN’s efforts to reach Austin Chiarella have failed.

Phillips’s daughter Caroline Phillips Fortenberry sent a statement to CNN on Monday.

“Our hearts are sad, broken, but full of hope,” he wrote. “We know that our mother and father rejoice in the presence of our heavenly Father. We already miss them terribly. Our parents left a legacy of faith in Jesus and generously loved their family and friends. ”

The injured went to the doctor last night

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All four victims sought medical help before being found in their rooms, the police commissioner said. They ate in different restaurants, he added.

“The doctor saw them last night, it would be around 11 o’clock, they were found the next morning. So we have a schedule, from 11pm to 8:30pm to 9am, ”Rolle said.

The three deaths at the Sandals Emerald Bay resort in Great Exuma have been confirmed by Sandals’s spokeswoman Stacey Royal և US State Department.

“We are closely following the local authorities’ investigation into the cause of death. “We are ready to provide all relevant consular assistance,” the State Department said in a statement. “Out of respect for family privacy, we have nothing to add at this time.”

Guests do not respond to resort villas

The employees of the sanatorium called the police immediately after 9 o’clock on Friday morning that an irresponsible man was found in the villa, the police reported. On the way to the scene, police were told that they had found another man’s wife in another villa, who did not respond, the statement said.

Police found a “Caucasian man lying on the ground unresponsive” in the first villa, with no signs of injuries. Police said the doctor recorded his death. The woman who was hospitalized was found near him, Rolland said on Saturday.

In the second villa, they found the second man “lying irresponsibly on the wall in the bathroom” and the woman “found in the bedroom on the bed,” the statement said.

“Both showed signs of shock,” the statement said. Both showed no signs of trauma. Their death was also registered by the doctor.

On Friday, Cooper asked the country’s Minister of Health to lead a delegation of health, environment and public affairs officials to the Exuma region. The Department of Environmental Health Services remained at the scene on Monday, Rollins said.

“Nothing is more important to Sandals Resorts than the safety of our guests,” the resort said in a statement, adding that it was actively working to “support the investigation as well as the families of the guests.”

The sandals can not disclose additional information “out of respect for the privacy of our guests,” it said.

Correction. In the previous version of this story, it was incorrectly stated that Donis Chiarella’s condition changed when he was taken to Kendall Hospital. He remains in fair condition.

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