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The posture seems to be on everyone’s minds right now, due to the growing number of jobs from work to home, combined with the fact that virtually everyone has a portable device to watch. My usual mourning is the sedentary nature of modern life. Not only us sit a lot քիչ They move very little, many people take turns leaning forward on the keyboard և all day, every day looking down հեռախոս at their phone or tablet.

The result? Widespread misconduct և growing concerns about what this means for public health. Head posture (aka: «technological neck“), Rounded shoulders և sloping, rounded spine all contribute.

  • Pain և pain all over the body
  • Muscle weakness և imbalance leading to dysfunctional movement of horses
  • Respiratory problems
  • Migraine headaches

Bad posture also affects your mood: response to stressful events. industry embodied cognition studies how physical states affect thoughts, emotions և memory. Losing weight or jumping in takes away your energy, tends to be negative, and can even lower your self-esteem. People also respond better to you when you are upright.

As more and more people talk about this issue, there is a growing interest in posture correctors. The question today is whether they work, or whether you can try it yourself.

Types of posture correctors

Today I am focusing on wearable devices designed to correct the posture of the head before, rounded shoulders և bending / rounding the middle of the back միջ through the back. devices that you can buy in any store. Pneumatic traction devices և Doctor-prescribed orthopedic devices designed to correct scoliosis are separate topics.

These devices come in several different types.

You have received: cross back braces, which are straps that wrap around the front of your shoulders, like backpack straps “running between your shoulder blades”. They can be made of elastic tubes or stiffer fabrics. They are designed to pull the shoulders back to make them more in line with the spine instead of rounding them forward.

Posture bras They look like a typical bra or a sports bra, but they have a cross-section built into the fabric.

Longline posture braces They look like crossbacks at the top, but they stretch to the bottom of the spine, attach to the waist, which wraps around your waist, and support the lower back.

Can you buy it? lumbar support belt separately, like him! neck braces designed to correct the posture of the head.

The latest innovation in the field for technology lovers electronic posture devices which you tie or stick to your back. Wearing devices vibrate when they feel bent, which prompts you to correct your posture. Some electronic devices connect to your phone app, which allows you to track your posture throughout the day and see your progress.

What’s best for you? It depends.

  • What you try to correct where you feel uncomfortable
  • When are you going to wear it, over or under your clothes, just sitting at your desk or training, doing your day?
  • Comfort և comfort
  • Price point – posture correctors range from about $ 10 for a simple crossover to ten times more or more for a more detailed installation.

Do the posture correctors work?

Let’s talk about it first how they allegedly work. Tough braces keep your back in the right alignment. But for the most part, The posture corrections that are so prevalent on social media provide lightweight mechanical support that is even more useful for physical correction.. The mechanical support helps to pull your shoulders to a more stretched back position. This physical reminder, or proprioceptive feedbackhelps you to establish a better normal posture on your own.

By the way, the proprioceptive reaction is probably one of the reasons that the kinesiological tape (KT tape) also works. It alerts parts of the body that may be weak or vulnerable և reminds the nervous system to provide proper internal support. KT tape can also be used to establish a better posture.

As for whether posture correctors do what they should do, several studies have shown that posture correctors can better align the head, neck, and shoulders. So in that sense, yes, they do. At least the tested ones work. The data here is really quite limited.

Moreover, there is almost no evidence that they provide the effects we ultimately want: pain relief, better mobility, and so on. A study of 32 women with neck pain found that wearing a compression shirt with built-in straps for three months improved posture, reducing pain better than exercise. Besides, there is not much to continue.

So should you try one?

It seems that Posture correctors do what they claim to do at the most basic level. help the right posture. If you have $ 20 lying around and you want to try one, it seems like a pretty low risk. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for DIY equipment.

That said, you should not rely solely on such devices to correct a bad posture. You will also want to work on strengthening your posture muscles. They include your core muscles naturally, but the right posture is really the activity of the whole body. Another reason why this is possible! change your position Exercise frequently throughout the day ամբողջ Include resistance exercises (insert for shameless plug Primary essential movements here) և Balance exercises that improve your perception.

Almost all strengthening exercises can help you to improve your posture, provided you do them in good shape. The catch-22 here it is If you’ve already had a bad posture, you’re probably in the same bad posture during training. Focusing on the right horse and working out in front of a mirror can help. For people who already suffer from neck, shoulder or back pain, a physical therapist can identify specific weaknesses and recommend a tailored program.

In: this post, I’m discussing how to specifically target rounded shoulders, which is so common in people who work on a computer, play a lot of video games, or look at a device in their lap. (Thus, most people).

How to get started?

Aim for the lowest effective dose. Start with the basic elastic band or ribbon style, rather than jumping into a rigid pneumatic device or back strap. The goal is to do as little as possible from the outside, while working on developing the strength and balance of the inner posture.

Try to wear it for a few hours a day for several weeks. See how you feel. You may need to start shorter – 20 or 30 minutes, work up to an hour or two. I would not wear it more than that until your physiotherapist told you to. It is theoretically possible to provide excessive passive stretching of the chest muscles. And obviously, if you have persistent shoulder or chest injuries (muscle tear, nerve breakdown, bone fracture, recent surgery, or unexplained sharp pain), talk to your doctor before fixing it.

Let me know how it goes.

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