Preview of “Welcome To Plathville” season 4. Mika discovers that she tried the weed for the first time

About 2 months have passed Micah moved to Los Angeles. “It’s so different from life in Cairo,” Mika admits in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the May 17 premiere. Welcome to Plathville! Season 4. She reconnected with her boyfriend Haydenwho helped him navigate the City of Angels.

“Looking back, I had almost no experience with, say, pop culture or the world. “Like Superman, Spider-Man, The Hulk, I really did not know who any of them were,” Mika confesses. Hayden says Mika looks like a “different person” now that she has learned so much about the real world.

Mika talks about life in Los Angeles. (TLC)

Mika accepts everything Los Angeles has to offer, even marijuana. “Smoking weeds here is legal, I have experimented with weeds several times,” reveals Mika. “I said to my mother, believe it or not, she said. “Oh, I’m not so interested. My mother used to grow it. ” Mika mentions that before getting married, her mother “was definitely a party person.”

Mika is taking acting classes and has signed a contract with a modeling agency. She has even ordered model concerts.

When it comes to dating, Mika is well aware that dating is much bigger in Los Angeles. “There is a bigger assortment of girls here, shoot, there are guys who look like girls here. You never know what you will get, ”says Mika.

Welcome to Plathville!
Mika is swimming in Los Angeles. (TLC)

The official summary of the 4th season says:Chem: և: Barry They raised their nine children on an idyllic, isolated farm in southern Georgia, cut off from social networks and modern culture, but now life seems very different for the family. Ethan, Oliviaև: Moria They are in Tampa, away from family drama, but making it your own in a new city is not a fun game. Mika spreads her wings in Los Angeles և finds new friends տեղ a place to grow. Kim and Barry, five of their nine children, still live in their homes, but life is no longer as conservative as it used to be. Kim questions their way of life, her choices in general, and the result is some unexpected alliances, companies. “While Platts is exploring new cities, navigating their love life, changing and growing like no one has ever expected, he is convinced that not so long ago the past seemed so far behind.” Welcome to Plathville! airs Tuesdays at 10pm on TLC.

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