Protocols are growing as summer heat spreads across the country

On Wednesday, the record heat continues in the southern plains, beginning to expand to the southeastern parts. By Friday և Saturday, record temperatures will have spread across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern parts, reaching millions of people in the first 80s and 90s of the year.

High temperatures, which are expected to average 15-25 degrees in the coming days, will be felt more in July or early August than in mid-May.

Cities that are expected to hit record highs by Saturday include Dallas, Atlanta, Memphis, Washington, New York and Philadelphia.

If New York reaches 90 on Saturday, it will be about two weeks earlier, when they usually see the first 90 degrees of the year, which is June 3.

If Pennsylvania State College reaches 90, it will the earliest since 2009and in May, the first since 2011.

The heat will also cause strong storms in some parts of the country in the coming days.

As many as 4 million people were hit by severe storms Wednesday in the Ohio River Valley, in a small area of ​​parts of northern Wisconsin, including southeastern Colorado, southwestern Kansas and Oklahoma Panhendl. The biggest danger will be the harmful winds, which are followed by hail. A tornado or two is possible.

Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in at least seven parts of Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin on Thursday. The primary risks will be wind և hail, which will be followed by separate tornadoes. Minneapolis են De Moyes is a city to watch in Iowa.

By Friday, 25 million people will be at risk through the Great Lakes through the Middle East. All the dangers of the storm will be possible, the cities to visit include Chicago and St. Louis.

Further west, 13 million people are under fire in four corners: south-west, in rocky mountains. The cities under fire are Denver, Las Vegas, Flagstaff, Arizona, Albuquerque, and New Mexico.

The fire affected the area affected by the Calf Canyon fire in New Mexico, which recently became the largest wildfire in the state’s history.

Ice from Fire Some parts of Colorado will turn from record heat and fire hazard into spring blizzards.

On Wednesday morning, some parts of Wyoming և Colorado already had a Winter Storm clock in place for a severe snowstorm on the road.

The snow is expected to start late on Thursday evening and end on Saturday morning. The total amount of snowfall in the mountains at the highest altitudes can be from 6 to 18 inches, and at the local level a larger amount is possible.

In Denver, in particular, it is forecasted to see a mixture of rain and snow on Friday night until Saturday morning. No crowds are expected in the metro area at the moment, but thunderstorms are possible.

Denver will also experience significant gusts of temperature, from the mid-80s to the highs tomorrow, from the mid-80s on Friday to the low of 32 on Saturday.

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