Proving that they are human, Metz loses the first series of 2022

The Mets had not lost the series all season, but that thread was navigated when the Seattle Mariners closed the fierce business on Sunday.

Seattle defeated New York City in a three-game rubber game at City Field, winning 8-7. The Mets had several chances to maintain their lead as Francisco Lindor’s home run over New York gave them a 1-0 lead in the first inning. Jay Davis and Brandon Nimo each tripled their doubles in the fourth, and the Queens crowd was furious at the return of about the ninth ninth. But Pete Alonso went too far with a two-stroke, two-stroke pendulum swing attempt against Diego Castillo, a right-winger, and the game ended with loaded bases.

“Sometimes, if it smells, you just have to bend your hat,” Alonso said after the game. “He did very well, he beat me. So simple. “

At the same time, Seattle got the most out of right-hander Carlos Carrasco, who was struggling to control his slide. He gave four, one-third innings, eight hits, four hits and one step. He hit both.

Before Carrasco finally lost 5-4, Mariners’ Mike Ford labeled him fourth in the singles run. Julio Rodriguez, newcomer sensation, then in the sixth inning hit the left Chaseen Shrev (1-1). Seattle’s Cal Raley continued to deepen right-back Drew Smith, beating him by two runs, 435 feet to the right, to make it 7-5. The Marines overcame their last decisive run in the seventh when Jesse Winker, who had long troubled Mets and their fans, doubled. Rodriguez separated him at home.

“It’s a good team there. “I’m surprised by their record because they fought really, really well against us this weekend,” Nimo said of the Marines 16-19. “They hit really well.”

Seattle also won 2-1 on Friday. In the starting lineup of the Mariners, Marco Gonzalez and “Max” Ace Max Scherzer limited the opponent. Saturday’s game was more of a prelude to the crime in the final as catch-up Patrick Mazeika, who was called up to replace the injured James McCain on Friday, helped the Mets win 5-4 by winning the solo concert. the lower part of the seventh. It happened after Winker hit the Homer with a three-run run from the top of the seventh, provoking Messi fans by waving the crowd as he crossed the plate after walking slowly around the pillars.

“I really do not think so much one way or another,” said Mets manager Buck Schwalter of The Winker Wave. “I am just trying to get him out. I learned a long time ago that when something happens on the field, I kind of look down at the dugout and see if it’s possible for our boys. If it’s important to them, it’s important to me. “I’m not going to go, ‘Hey, you should be offended by this or something.’

The Mets, who previously did nothing worse than split the four-game series against Atlanta from May 2-4, are now 23-13. They remain comfortably in first place after losing their first Serie A series of the season. They went on their first 10 episodes without a break.

The record for most consecutive series to open a season without losing a single is 21, set by the Boston Red Sox in 1946.’s Sarah Langs, Via Elias Sports. Whether the Adults were far from that total flock, they certainly enjoyed their flock.

“We play very good baseball,” said Alonso. “It simply came to our notice then. We had a great start. We have to do everything to keep playing well. It has been a very fun season so far. “We have to get back on the horse tomorrow.”

Jokingly, Nimo said. “It’s sad to lose in the first series of the year, but it will probably happen at some point. It, came out և now we can move on. You are used to winning. You enter, turn on the music, dance. This is exactly what you do when you win more games than you lose. You, of course, can accept that as a rule. “

Schwalter also found joy in the ranks. Like his players, however, he stressed the need for his team to move forward. He knows that any season, no matter how successful, is full of good and bad.

He does not want the Greats to ignore it when preparing for a new series.

“Even I can calculate what that would mean,” said Schwalter, referring to the tournament standings when asked if he was proud of the series. “But we’re going to play four games against the St. Louis Cardinals. It is difficult to win three games. So I think that really puts it in terms of how difficult it is. ”

The series against the “Cardinals” of New York, which starts on Monday in Queens, will be the thing to follow. From April 25 to 27, in St. Louis, the two teams made an exception for a few high-stakes offers from a number of attacking batsmen. The benches were cleared in the last game of the series when Nolan Arenado, the Cardinals’ third mainstay, got angry at something. ascend from the soothing Joan Lopez.

Alonso was among the hit in the series, who took the helmet, and “Mets”, the leaders of the main league of striker Batsmen, had previously expressed concern about the speed with which they knocked.

“I will let them control their players,” Schwalter said when asked about Arenado’s reaction. “I know that our player was hit in the head and went to the first base.”

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