Quebec City striker is guilty of first-degree murder CBC News:

The 26-year-old man who carried out the Halloween sword attacks in Quebec has been found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder of 56-year-old François Duchenne and 61-year-old Susan Clermont on October 31, 2020.

The 11-member jury ruled in Quebec City Court on Friday after a five-day debate.

Carl Giroud was also convicted of five counts of attempted murder for his attacks on five other people that night.

The crown claimed that Jiruar had been thinking of carrying out attacks for years, realizing what he was doing at the time of his crime.

Two expert witnesses to the crown testified that the defendant was a super-conscious narcissist who felt the need to do something shocking in order to gain public recognition.

Crown Prince François Godin, from left և Carl Giroud’s lawyer, Pierre Ganyon, from right, delivered his closing remarks in Quebec City Court last week. (Dave St-Amant / CBC)

Jirouar confessed to the attacks, but his defense team insists he could not be prosecuted because he was in a state of “psychosis” at the time and could not tell the difference between right and wrong.

During the trial, Jirouar testified that he was facing a civil war between two Karlers, the “real” “bad Carl”, who was on a mission to kill.

The Crown claimed that Jiruar could not be fooled at the time, as he showed signs of hesitation before the attacks, doubting what he was doing after hitting his first two victims.

Forensic psychiatrist Dr. Sylvain Faucher, who testified on behalf of Tagie, explained that delusion is an undeniable belief that it is impossible to get out of it so quickly without medication.

Forensic psychiatrist Sylvain Foucher, left, and neuropsychologist William Potier, right, both testified on behalf of the Crown. (Radio Canada)

Prosecutors showed evidence that Jiruar had planned the attack as a teenager. Two years before the events, he drove twice in the historic district of Quebec City, prepared his clothes in advance, and removed some tattoos that Jirou considered “unclean.”

A jury of four men and seven women heard that Jirou first told his social worker, a school counselor, about his mission at the age of 18.

Jirou now faces life in prison, he can not be released on parole for at least 25 years.

His trial, which began on April 11, had to be postponed twice after some jurors tested positive for COVID-19.

More is expected.

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