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Dame Hall of Fame! It is a celebration of leaders who have made a unique, lasting contribution to global accessibility and accessibility. Founded in 2012, it serves to promote ելու encourage mentoring in the beverage և hospitality industry. Dames’ breakthroughs in the past have shaped the beverage landscape and provided visible patterns of achievement for tomorrow’s leaders.

Lauren Paylor, R&D Chef – Silver Lean | Owner – Focus on Health և 2021 US Hall of Fame by US Woodford Reserve He answered several questions about his achievements, the role of an educator in the field, the possibility of self-service, personal growth.

Question. How have you affected accessibility and interfaciality in your community?

A: In 2020, I spent my time developing programs through my company Focus On Health to help the food and beverage industry learn new, innovative ways to take better care of their health. As beverage professionals, we know and understand our field well, which is why we are proud to work with health professionals to provide us with the best experience and guidance.

In addition, we have worked on programming that is biased in a historical context, related to different demographics in the United States, and best practices in trauma management related to this demographic, and even noted the work that these groups do today: to make this field special. և As amazing as it is.

Hospitality begins with caring for you և it only prepares us more to take care of our staff և guests.

Question. Do you make a concrete effort to be an educator-leader for those around you? What are they and why?

A: I had the great pleasure և of being able to guide many in the DC area. Many of these relationships are involuntarily formed, and I do my best to elevate others. I pass on opportunities when I can, I speak up when I see something wrong, I advise when I am asked. I’ve done a lot more at the local level, but I’m glad to know that there are individuals in other states who can benefit from the advice I’re happy to share. I want to make sure that in my career progress, I achieve more so that those around me do the same. I will continue to raise others և I hope they continue this momentum. We are as good as our weakest link, և the community is tied to each other. This is one of the best things to do in this field.

Question: What does this award mean to you?

A: It is a great honor for me to be the recipient of this award և it’s honestly nothing will change what I’m doing now. It’s nice to be appreciated for your work. My focus is on making a difference. I want to empower individuals to defend what they think is right, to provide them with the tools they need to do so. Everything else is secondary.

Question. Is there a moment in your long և impressive career that stands out as the most influential և / or one you are most proud of??

A: I’m proud to be developing a platform that is constantly evolving. One who has the potential / power to encourage, enlighten, or empower individuals to be better advocates for themselves and others. We have learned a lot, but we also have a lot more to learn. Our primary goal is to ensure that the conversation includes the solution to the problems և situations we encounter as individuals of different backgrounds և most importantly, that the solution is specific to individuals seeking change.

Question. What advice would you give to other people in the field who are looking for you, striving to be where you are today?

A: Keep asking questions, be comfortable with being awkward, accept criticism and feedback with open arms, be honest, loyal to yourself, and not be too hard on yourself.

Question. What’s your definition of COMMUNITY և Why do you think it was a potential topic for #TOTC2021?

A: The work we do is for the community. One of the biggest lessons I learned this past year was to reflect on how I define the community, the ways in which I can support my own community, and my own growth.

It: 2022 Dame Hall of Fame is open to US international admissions until March 30, 2022. Do you know someone who you think has made a unique contribution to global accessibility’s relationship?

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