Rand Paul has blocked the rapid transfer of a $ 40 billion aid package to Ukraine

WASHINGTON – Republican of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul The leaders of the two parties disputed on Thursday, postponing the approval of the Senate until next week for an additional $ 40 billion in aid. Ukraine և his allies are enduring Russia’s quarterly invasion.

When the Senate was ready to debate, vote on a military-economic aid package, Paul unanimously rejected the leaders’ agreement, which needed to be continued. The bipartisan event, backed by President Joe Biden, underscores the United States’ determination to strengthen its support for forces beyond Ukraine.

The legislation was approved by a majority of the House of Representatives ունի Has strong bipartisan support in the Senate. The final part leaves no doubt.

However, Paul’s objection was a bold departure from the oppressive mood of Congress that urgent aid to Ukraine was urgent, both in the face of the nation’s prospects of resisting Vladimir Putin’s brutal attack and in escalating or escalating the war with the Russian president.

It was a nationwide uprising against Kentucky Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. McConnell began Thursday’s session by saying that senators on “both sides”, including Republicans and Democrats, should “help us pass this urgent funding bill today,” with emphatic gestures, as he put it today.

Paul, a liberal who often opposes US intervention abroad, says he wants the bill to be introduced in a non-voting language that would allow the chief inspector to scrutinize new spending. He has a long history of calling for last-minute changes, delaying or threatening to delay bills on the verge of passing, including lynching and defense budget measures to provide health care to the first responders to the 9/11 attacks.

Democrats – McConnell opposed Paul’s push – voted for his language. Paul would probably lose that vote և he turned down the offer.

He argued that the increased spending was a significant amount of money that would deepen the federal deficit and worsen inflation. Last year, the budget deficit was nearly $ 2.8 trillion, but it has probably been reduced to երկու’s bill, which accounts for two-tenths of 1% of the US economy, indicating that its impact on inflation will be negligible.

“No matter how compassionate the reason, my oath of office is for the national security of the United States,” Paul said. “We can not save Ukraine by condemning the US economy.”

Democrats say they oppose Paul’s plan because it would extend the powers of the current chief inspector, whose current authority is limited to Afghanistan. That would deprive Biden of the opportunity for former presidents to appoint him to the post, they said.

“It is clear from the Kentucky Junior Senator that he does not want to help Ukraine,” said Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, DN.Y. “All he will do here today is postpone that help, not that. to stop it. “

Stressing their joint desire to pass the bill immediately, Schumer and McConnell stood side by side as they tried to push the bill forward.

“They are just demanding the resources they need to protect themselves from this insane intrusion,” McConnell said of the Ukrainians. “And they need that help right now.”

The House of Representatives approved the measure by a vote of 368-57 on Tuesday. All Democrats մեծ Most Republicans supported it, although each “no” vote came from the GOP.

The bipartisan support for Ukraine is due in part to reports of Russian atrocities against Ukrainian civilians that could not be ignored. It reflects strategic concerns, allowing Putin to invade European territory unanswered, as his attack on his neighbor in the West is in its 12th week.

“Helping Ukraine is not just an example of humanity,” McConnell said. “It has a direct bearing on America’s vital national security interests, so that Russia’s naked aggression fails at a significant cost.”

Biden administration officials said they expected the last resort by September. But with Ukraine suffering heavy military and civilian casualties and no sign of an end to the fighting, Congress will eventually decide how much more aid it will provide in the face of the huge US budget deficit recession that could to require additional costs. House.

The latest bill, which will add $ 13.6 billion to Congress in March, will increase U.S. aid to the region by more than $ 50 billion. According to the non-partisan research service of the Congress, this will be $ 6 billion more than the United States spent in 2019 on military and economic aid worldwide.

The shooting happened as Russia continued to blow up Ukrainian forces in cities in the southeastern part of the country. Reflecting on international concerns over the attack, Finnish leaders have stated their support for NATO membership, while Sweden does not seem to be lagging behind.

Biden asked Congress for $ 33 billion two weeks ago. It did not take long for lawmakers to increase his $ 3.4 billion request for both military and humanitarian programs.

The event includes $ 6 billion in Ukraine for intelligence, equipment and training for its forces, plus $ 4 billion in funding for China and its NATO allies to build their military forces.

The Pentagon has been given $ 8.7 billion to replenish weapons supplies to Ukraine and $ 3.9 billion to US troops in the region.

The event also includes $ 8.8 billion to support the Ki government, more than $ 5 billion to provide food to countries around the world that rely on war-torn Ukrainian crops, and $ 900 million to teach English and provide other services to Ukrainian refugees. to the United States.

The biggest obstacle to speeding up aid was lifted this week when Biden և Democrats rejected their demand to include billions more to support US efforts to fight the coronavirus epidemic.

Republicans want separate COVID-19 legislation to become the battlefield for immigration divisions over immigration that divide Democrats.

Ukraine’s bill lacks several of Biden’s proposals, including helping qualified Afghan refugees stay in the United States permanently, paying American farmers $ 500 million to grow more crops to compensate for declining Ukrainian food production.

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