Rangers keep Sidney Crosby out of the game, then return to win

In the middle of the second round of Rangers’ play-off game against Pittsburgh Penguins on Wednesday, the Penguins were in control of the game and the series. They led the Rangers with two goals, dictating the game, and the fans at Madison Square Garden were silent and furious.

Their promising season was hopefully coming to an end.

But then Jacob Truba’s left arm, raised, appeared in the face of Sidney Crosby, the Penguin superstar, who plays as well in this series as ever in his illustrious career. According to Penguin coach Mike Sullivan, it was a dubious hit that changed the course of the game, maybe even the series.

Crosby will eventually leave the game, the Rangers scoring all their goals in his absence, winning 5-3, with a comeback in the 5th game that brought them to a 3-2, now hot, first game. – round row.

The Rangers still have to miss the 6th game on Friday night in Pittsburgh. Immediately after the game, there was no indication as to whether Crosby would be available or what his illness was, except for an upper body injury, according to Sullivan.

Sullivan said to himself star player He was still being evaluated after the game; no details were given about his condition. The Penguins flew back to Pittsburgh on Thursday morning, where Crosby would receive an extra grade.

When asked if he thought Truba had acted with a malicious intent, Sullivan’s response was more in his stern tone than in his words.

“Did you see the blow?” he asked the journalist, who answered in the affirmative. “You probably have the same opinion as I do.”

Crosby landed on the ice after a crunching test that came shortly after he collected a free box on the Rangers defense. Crosby got up quickly and tried to play. But he could not. He went to the bench, sat down, lowered his head, and then left the locker room, having about seven minutes to play during that time.

Shortly afterwards, Rangers opened the scoring with a flurry of goals from Adam Fox and Alexis LaFrenier և Trouba, who danced for a superb rebound that injured Crosby’s injury.

One of the most expensive players of the last 20 years, he won three Stanley Cups with the Crosbin Penguins, two Hart Cups as the most expensive player in the league, and two Con Smith Cups for the most expensive playoff player. In the first four games of this series, Crosby scored two goals and seven assists.

But he also has a history of head injuries, the most serious of which are: took place in 2011. To many skeptical New York fans, he also has a history of failing to attempt a penalty kick. But in this case, Crosby never even looked at the referees for the call.

No penalty has been imposed for the game, ազգային The National Hockey League’s Office of Player Safety will not assess any fines or suspensions against Truba. The play took place quickly, it could be argued that Truba’s elbow was high as he tried to clear the loose board աբար it was accidentally pressed against Crosby’s face.

On Thursday, Truban called the play a “flight.”

“It was not really a very difficult communication,” he said. “Unfortunately, you never want to see someone hurt. “I do not know for sure what injury he suffered, but I hope he recovers soon.”

And not all penguins were convinced that the play was dirty. Marcus Peterson was also asked if he thought Truba had acted with intent to harm.

“Frankly, I have not seen it,” he said. “But I do not think so. “Both teams are playing hard.”

The heavy blow was delivered after a game by Rangers coach Gerard Galant punished his team To be “soft” in the 4th game in Pittsburgh, a game that the Penguins easily won. Gallant did not ask the striking players to make cheap shots, but to compete harder, to fight for shots along the boards, to show more devotion to the defense. They did all that.

But it was clear from the first shift of the game that Rangers were ready to be more physical. Chris Crader և Trump was called to a simultaneous penalty kick. Crader to cut and Truba to elbow in just 24 seconds’s seemed to be designed to add color. The Rangers safely destroyed the 5-on-3 power play և was never like the soft, aimless group they played in the 4th game in Pittsburgh.

“They were hellishly competitive tonight,” exclaimed Galant. “That was what we wanted from them.”

He was pleased that Igor Shesterkin, the Rangers’ starting goalkeeper, played much better in the fifth game than in the previous two Pittsburgh games, when he allowed to score 10 goals in three periods.

On Thursday, Galant denied that Truba had acted maliciously, saying that throwing Crosby’s tendency to spin on the ice could sometimes have an accidental effect, and stressed that Truba was not trying to hurt himself.

But there is no denying that Crosby’s absence affected the game.

“Obviously he is one of the best players in the world,” said Galant. “They still had some good opportunities. They have still created a lot. “He is a great player for them, I hope he is good.”

Rangers’ quick burst of goals came in two minutes and six seconds. Trump’s shot, with just over two minutes left in the finish, pushed Rangers forward, forcing the fans to roar so loudly that the clamp bridge swayed high in excitement.

“The building was unreal,” Lafrenier said. “It’s really loud tonight.”

But that advantage did not last long, as Jake Güntzel scored only 13 seconds later, tying the score at 3-3. It was his seventh goal in this series և his 33rd goal in 56 career playoff games.

The Rangers finally took the lead thanks to Philippe Chitill’s goal in 3 minutes, his first post-season goal, և the team sealed the victory over Ryan Lindgren’s empty net, securing the 6th game.

The penguins did not want to blame their late collapse or loss when they watched their captain descend through the tunnel to the locker room. But it was difficult not to make the connection.

“He is the best player in the world,” said Günzel. “These are a lot of minutes that the boys have to collect and raise. So we just have to stick to it. ”

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