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Add rye, sweet vermouth, Cherry Heering և Absinthe to the frozen mixing bowl. Add ice and stir. Squeeze into a glass of iced cocktail and garnish with cherries.


Air light aniseed cherry on the nose. The taste has been compared by many to Manhattan և Sazerak Cross, I have to agree. Lighter than you expect, the classic Manhattan flavor is enhanced by absinthe anise and Cherry Heering sweetness. There are bitter accents there, but at the same time it is a little lighter than the two comparative cocktails. The finish is crisp, clean, a little sweet cherry washes to the end. Some time after swallowing, a trace of light anise remains on your tongue to remember.

Remember Maine 2?


It is time again. During these months Mixology Monday The topic is “CherryԵւ Hosted by Andrea Gene Hound. Here is the bucket.

“Singapore Gin Sling, Blood and Sand և Aviation would not be the same without them. They are brilliant in pies, go well with pork dishes և can even be super foods that can fight insomnia.
But the cherries in cocktails are also terribly abused, the taste of few things is worse than the smell of artificial cherry և a description of how most maraschino cherries are made can make your stomach sick.
So, as the host of Mixology Monday No. 74, I’m glad to challenge you to honor the humble cherry.
Whatever you choose to do, it’s entirely up to you. In the cocktail you can use Maraschino liqueur, Cherry Heering, Kirchwasser, Belgian Kriek beer, cherry wine or any impressive infusions you have invented. Or make your own maraschino cherries for an impressive garnish. ”

At first referring to this one, I thought:ah, this will be easy.Going back, some of my favorite cocktails present cherry / cherry flavors Manhattan, Aviation, Martinez, Last wordև etc. I also made a bunch New originals With Luxardo Marashkino. That said, I wanted to do something a little bit different և In many ways he was crazy. Then, reading the above quote, I stopped and remembered one of my favorite classics, which stands out with its cherry flavor. Remember Man?.

Entering somewhere Sazerac: և: Manhattan, this is one of my favorite drinks, but I have never made it myself because I do not have Cherry Heering. Luckily for me, this Monday at Mixology was the perfect excuse to buy some.

Remember the interesting thing about Maine is that despite such a small amount Cherry Heering:The taste of cherries is quite dominant in the drink, highlighted by the other trace component. Absinthe. If you’re a fan of everyone Sazerac: or: Manhattanyou have to try yourself Remember Maine.

The first published recipe for: Remember Maine comes from Charles H. From Baker’s great title The gentleman’s companion (1933). This one is called an honor USS Maine: which sank off the coast of Cuba in 1898 when an ammunition exploded on a ship. The reason is still being discussed, but this event was the prehistory of the Spanish-American war, led to the saying:Remember Maine, hell with Spain?“In Per Baker’s book.

«REMEMBER MENA vague memory of the 1933 disaster in Havana, when each swallow was marked by bombs dropped on the Prado or the sound of 3-inch bullets fired at the NACIONAL Hotel, then a haven for some counter-revolutionary officers. »

Interestingly, while studying recently Old Waldorf Astoria Bar book (1935), I came across a cocktail called McKinley’s Delight:which is essentially identical Remember Maine. Crockett writes:

“I do not know why McKinley was so happy. Chances are, President McKinley never knew if that was the case. In his favor, I can say that the Bar was a great place for last year’s Republicans who could pass on their enthusiasm for their candidates to the counter to turn the bartender into a fluid intensity.

More than just an interesting story, Remember Maine is a wonderful classic that has appeared just as well ban: finished. Try to say what you think.


Check: Manhattan և: Sazerac: for more variations. Another one that you can enjoy is this Improved Dutch gin cocktail.

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