RIP iPod. A look back at Apple’s iconic music player over the years

Apple announced earlier this week Terminate iPod touchև Since it was the last iPod still available for purchase, its sunset marks the end of the entire iPod series.

To get the iPod on its way, we thought it would be nice to take a look back at some of the most popular iPod releases of the last 21 years.

Original iPod (2001)

Launched in October 2001, the original iPod was introduced as a device that puts 1000 songs in your pocket. It has become one of Apple’s most popular products, one of the most responsible devices for Apple’s success.

2001 ipod:

The original iPod offered a hard drive with 5GB of storage, with a Scroll Wheel that physically rotates, it remains the only iPod with this design. It provided a FireWire port to connect to the Mac, which sold for $ 399. Apple replaced the original iPod in 2002 with a nearly identical second-generation model that had a condensing Touch Wheel by pushing buttons on the sides, and the third-generation model added an even more sophisticated Touch Wheel with buttons on the top. The third generation iPod also added a Dock Connector.

third generation ipod

With the fourth generation model released in 2004, Apple introduced the Click Wheel, a replica of the Touch Wheel that also included buttons. The fourth generation model is notable for the fact that Apple continued to use the Click Wheel for years to come.

ipod click wheel 4th gen:

The photo of the iPod with its color screen was replaced by the fourth generation model later in 2004, and Apple expanded the color screen of all models in 2005 with the color screen of the iPod. Both were considered part of the fourth generation.

ipod color:

Apple added video capabilities in 2005 with the fifth-generation iPod, “it’s also the first iPod to come in addition to the iPod-specific red U2 version.”

u2 ipod:

After the iPod video, Apple introduced the iPod classic, և 2007, 2008 և In 2009, several versions were released, all of which were similar in design. The 2009 iPod classic was Apple’s latest iPod in size, with a 160GB hard drive, compression wheel, and widescreen color display. It remained until 2014 when it was discontinued.

ipod classic views:

iPod mini (2004)

Apple’s first iPod mini, released in 2004, was much smaller than the standard iPod. It came in a few fun colors, including yellow, blue, pink, gold, and a standard compression wheel.

ipod mini 2005

The iPod mini did not last long, or կար there was a second-generation version in 2005, after which it was discontinued in favor of the iPod nano.

iPod nano (2005)

Replacing the iPod mini, the iPod nano is one of Apple’s most exciting iPods, as it has seen many major design repetitions over the years.


Apple has launched a slim, aluminum iPod with a Click Wheel with a color screen and flash memory, which has allowed Apple to reduce its size. The Nano was replaced in 2006 by a second-generation version that had more rounded edges, a smaller horsepower factor, and brighter aluminum colors.


For the third generation iPod nano, released in 2007, Apple went in a completely different direction – this nano was popularly known as the “fat” iPod nano. It had a wider, sloping body with a wider screen, it came in several color options.


Nano fat was stored for just one year before being replaced by the fourth-generation iPod nano, which took on a whole rainbow of colors. It gets a higher screen, a curved front և և accelerator for “Shake” function, which allows you to shake the iPod to mix songs.

ipod nano 4:

Apple’s 2009 fifth-generation iPod nano was similar to the fourth-generation model, but had a higher screen, a camera, and a microphone. It came in brighter colors, but Apple kept a wider range of color options.


In 2010, Nano received a major design overhaul of the sixth-generation version, which was just a square-screen display. It used a multi-layered screen instead of a Click Wheel, և this is the version that people used to fasten watch straps, making it the premise of the Apple Watch.

ipod nano 6th generation watch strap

Apple changed the design in 2012 with the help of the seventh generation iPod nano, returning a rectangular horse, but leaving the multilayer screen in place. The nano of this era was like a smaller iPod touch with a Home button աջակց support for multiple applications. The seven-generation iPod nano received new colors in 2015 is terminated In 2017.

ipod nano colors

iPod shuffle (2005)

Apple’s first iPod shuffle was introduced in 2005 before the second generation iPod mini և it was very similar. Apple TV: Distant. This was Apple’s first iPod without a screen, which had nothing but a control pad to keep it small, as it doubled as a flash drive.

ipod shuffle anniversary Wikimedia Commons:

The second-generation iPod shuffle received a major overhaul in 2006, with Apple reducing it to about half the size of the original and adding a belt clip. At the time, it was touted as the world’s smallest MP3 player, and there was even a small iPod shuffle dock to charge it through a headphone jack. It was released in silver, but Apple eventually came up with additional colors such as pink, blue, green, and orange.

ipod shuffle 2nd gen:

The iPod shuffle was redesigned in 2009 when Apple added a voice function that lets you pronounce the names of songs and albums aloud using text-to-speech. This is the model where Apple has eliminated the control of the device, instead using a headset with remote control to play.

ipod shuffle 3rd gen:

In 2010, Apple decided that no device management was a bad idea, introducing the fourth-generation iPod shuffle. The fourth generation model was the latest iPod shuffle with bright colors, smaller chassis and the return of the Control Pad.

ipod shuffle 2015 series

The iPod Shuffle did not receive any other design updates, although Apple introduced new colors in 2015. In the end, it worked out. terminated in 2017.

iPod touch (2007)

The first iPod touch was released in 2007, however iPhone:, և it was a more affordable alternative to the iPhone, which did not have mobile capabilities. It was very similar to the 3.5-inch multi-layer iPhone, it came with WiFi support, Safari integration հավել with apps like YouTube, Mail, Maps և Weather.

ipod touch original:

The second- and third-generation iPod touch models had the same design, but when the iPhone 4 was released in 2010, Apple also redesigned the iPod touch to make it look the same. It included the front FaceTime: camera, rear camera և iMessage support plus plus or white.

ipod touch 2011

Apple redesigned the iPod touch in 2012. The fifth-generation model had a larger screen and a slimmer body, plus it was the first iPod touch to come in bright colors. It was released with the iPhone 5 as an A5 chip pocket computer.

ipod touch 5 colors:

The design has not changed since the fifth generation iPod touch, but Apple introduced the sixth generation model in 2017, and the seventh generation model in 2019, both with updated chips. After the release of the seventh generation iPod touch in 2019, the device remained without an update for three years, until its termination earlier this week.

iPod Touch Background Feature 2:

iPod replacements

Apple has announced that it has decided to close the iPod line, as iPod capabilities are now integrated into every Apple device, starting with the iPhone և iPad: Mac, Apple TV, HomePod:Watch Apple Watch.

ipod touch has been discontinued

Almost every modern Apple device supports it Apple Music: The service, which Apple introduced in 2015, և it’s available on the Internet, on Android devices, etc., makes the iPod redundant. Apple sells iPod touch while supplies last, but it does already sold In the United States.

You may still be able to find iPod touch from a third-party retailer, but be sure to act fast as they sell fast as people aim to get one of the latest iPods available.

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