Rob Kardashian wants Black China to “drop suit” for daughter’s dream

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Rob Kardashian wants to bypass the defamation suit with the former Black China. A source close to the Kardashians said HollywoodLife: EXCLUSIVELY that he wants China to “just leave this case and continue”, mainly so that it does not have too much influence on the couple’s daughter. Dream, 5. The source said that 35-year-old Rob does not want their daughter to think that she և 34-year-old China felt “hostility” towards each other.

China և and his legal team have taken steps to try to do so to appeal the court decision, which made a decision in favor of the Kardashians. Recently, documents were submitted to disqualify the judge, saying: he was biased but: The motion was rejected. The source details that Rob feels that by continuing the struggle, it does more harm than good. “Rob wants Black China to just let this trial go, to continue, so that they can all be healed, to go on with their lives. “Black China, which is fighting against the verdict, is not healthy for anyone, including his daughter Dream,” the source said.

Rob’s main concern is his և China’s daughter Dream. (Marksman / MEGA)

Most of all, Rob wants his relationship with China to improve, so that both of his exes can be there for important events in Dream’s life. “Eventually, Rob would like Dream to grow up knowing that their relationship did not work out, there is no enmity or hatred between his two parents. “It would be great if Rob and China could be together to attend events for their daughter, such as a birthday party,” they said.

After all, the source said, Rob thinks for a long time, he does not want any drama for big events, when Dream one day grows up. “Rob would like to one day be able to walk down the Dream Corridor with China during his wedding, no drama at all,” the source explained. “These are the things that will be possible for Yeraz, he thinks he should be the first right now.”

According to the source, Rob wants to allow “the past to be over” with China. (Beverly News / Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock)

China had tried to sue the Kardashians for slander and contractual interference. The court ruled In favor of KarJenners on May 2. A source close to Robin said at the time HollywoodLife: exclusively that he was happy to go past the trial. “Frankly, Rob is just happy that it’s all over. “Black China drama has made him so angry over the last few years, he’s thankful that justice has finally won,” they said.

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