Scientists say a large 1,000-pound white shark from Canada called Ironbound was spotted near North Carolina.

A great white shark from Canada is enjoying its early summer voyage to the Carolina Islands, last seen off the coast off Monday, researchers say.

from October 2019 OCEARCH was: Following in the footsteps of Ironbound, a large white shark caught and labeled was released off the West Island of Ironbound, Nova Scotia.

When he was labeled, Ironbound was 12 1/3 feet long : Weighed a little less than ֆ 1,000.

The big white has a tracking device that makes a sound when it comes to the surface of the water. It was found as far south as the Florida Straits and as far west as the Gulf of Mexico.

Ironbound has pinged six times this year.

On March 21, April 3, he appeared in the waters near South Carolina, as if moving north, on April 18, 25 outside North Carolina, according to OCEARCH data.

The next ping took place on April 28 from the south coast of Jersey until it doubled.

Ironbound was last discovered At 18:12 ET on Monday, about 19 miles southeast of Cape Hateras, according to his adoptive parent.

The big white is a little ahead of schedule in his quest to return to Nova Scotia, where he will spend hot weather months eating seals to grow in the winter.

Researchers say Ironbound may have run into colder water off the coast of Jersey and turned around to wait for the summer heat before continuing on its northern route, the researchers said.

“They hit that cold, cold water that traps the beach,” they say. “Oh, man, it’s too early,” Chris Fischer, the founder of OCEARCH, told NBC News on Tuesday.

“They have to wait for the water temperature to be warm enough so that when they slide there to eat the seals, it is not so cold that the energy to stay warm exceeds the energy they get from the seals.”

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