Senate to vote on abortion bill ahead of Roy’s decision

WASHINGTON – The Senate on Wednesday is set to vote on advancing a Democrat-led bill that would provide widespread protection for legal abortion across the country, which is conditional on one step. Leakage of the draft conclusion of the Supreme Court it shows that Ron vs. Wade will probably turn around.

The vote on the Women’s Health Act, passed in the House of Representatives, is unlikely to fail, with only 49 senators expected to support it, below the 60-vote requirement to defeat the Republican filibuster.

Democrat leaders view the vote as one Opportunity to activate their base In the run-up to the November midterm elections, their party faces tough opponents, from President Joe Biden’s negative approval rating to voter concerns over inflation. Party strategists hope to impress the vast majority of Americans who want to defend Ron against Wade.

Of the 50 Democrats, only West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin opposes the bill. Democratic Sen. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, who has spoken out against abortion for years, was in favor of the bill Telling on Tuesday that the circumstances have changed.

All 50 Republicans are against the legislation. Two of them, Senator Susan Collins from Maine and Senator Lisa Murkovsky from Alaska, say they support the right to abortion. narrower account which includes engravings of religious or moral objections.

Ahead of the vote, Democratic Senate leaders issued a letter to progressive Reproductive Rights groups, including the American Center for Progress, NARAL, Planned Parenthood, claiming that the Collins-Murkovsky bill was too narrow to “protect abortion rights.” «

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, DN.Y., called it “one of the most powerful votes we have held in this House in decades.”

“For the first time in the last 50 years, the conservative majority of the Supreme Court, the extreme conservative majority, is declaring that women have no right to have an abortion, that they have no right to control their body. “He said on Tuesday.

While Democrats seek to portray Republicans and their Conservative judges as radical, the GOP has spent the last few days claiming that Democrats have nothing to do with the majority of Americans who say they support some restrictions on legal abortion.

a Pew Research Center survey In March, before the Supreme Court released a draft opinion, it turned out that 61% of US adults said they wanted abortion to be legal. but only 19 percent say it should be legal in all cases, without exception.

“Today’s Democratic Party is deeply at odds with the American people on this issue,” said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. “Leader Schumer wants the Senate to vote again on the Democrats’ bill, which effectively legalizes abortion on demand for all nine months.”

The draft declassified opinion of the Supreme Court may not be the final decision; it has no force of law until its publication. However, it was widely expected that the court would overturn Ron v. Wade, followed by Planned Parenthood v. Casey, which defended the constitutional right to abortion.

Like some Republicans consider pursuing a nationwide ban on abortion If they came to power, McConnell poured cold water on that prospect. While he kept the door to abstaining from legal abortion open, he vowed to keep the 60-vote threshold for abortion bills if Republicans control the Senate.

“Historically, there have been abortion votes on the floor of the Senate. “None of them got 60 votes,” he told reporters on Tuesday. “It is safe to say that there are no 60 votes at the federal level.”

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