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I have always been interested in the concept of time. This is because every moment of our lives has meaning. If we all lived for eternity, how we spend our time would not really matter, its scarcity is worth living life. Delicate watchmaking is the art of dealing with time, it has always been an attractive, constant reminder to me when I look at my wrist that time should not be neglected, next to the wonderful aesthetics of very luxurious watches, of course. .

In today’s post, I’m excited to partner with eBay. You may not have thought of eBay when you were thinking of buying a luxury watch, but that will soon change. By chance, eBay is one of the largest luxury watch markets in the world, selling watches every 5 seconds. This means great deals on new watches as well as unique: rare vintage watches. Everything from Rolex to Patek.

I went to eBay and started browsing luxury watches. I’ve been in the market for a while for a classic lunar phase piece that I need to add to my collection և with an open mind, after spinning for about 5 minutes, I accidentally fell 42mm Longines Master Collection L2.673.4.78.3: For just under $ 2,500, the brand’s website sells for over $ 3,300. Silver case, chronograph, light white face with moon phase և dark brown leather strap. Bingo. I fell in love with the piece the moment I put my eye on it and decided to pull the trigger. The watch came right after that, in perfect, brand new condition, և I fell in love with it again.

What do you do with a new watch? Obviously, you immediately put it on, you wear a drug outfit that fits in perfectly with the aesthetics (if I say so myself), you go out to take some pictures. Okay, this may not be applicable at all, but it’s what I did. A combination of two Eton shirts, a white ե beige shirt, a dark olive shirt H, a pair of dark brown chinos from H&M և at the end, a pair of espresso velvet boots from my collection for finer soils. – tone outfit that is perfect for the fall transition.

I’m still looking for Vacheron Constantin to add to my collection, vintage is possibleև I now check eBay on a weekly basis to see if I can find the perfect one. It was a very easy և well-managed experience և I can only advise you guys to try it for yourself the next time you hunt for a luxury watch. I included a few other watches from 16000+ that I was looking at on the rink inside. Happy watch shopping 🙂:

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