Sir Walter.


Last time we looked at the history of the cocktail legend Harry McElhon և his famous Harry New York bar In Paris. This time I’m going to introduce you to Harry M’s work, which is largely ignored և, at least I think it’s actually better than some of his more famous works. There is some debate as to whether Sir Walter was named after Sir Walter Raleigh or Sir Walter Scott, but to me the latter is indescribable, as Harry, as the latter, was a Scotsman և probably wanted to honor the English godfather. a blockbuster novel with a drink bearing his name. Moreover, Sir Walter is an interesting drink with a split base, with a slightly unique formula.

In the Savoy cocktail book, coded as 1 teaspoon of grenadine, 1 teaspoon of curacao, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, 1/3 brandy’s 1/3 rum, Sir Walter makes little sense because it presupposes only half an ounce of alcohol. I think the typo found out that this is happening (how? Aviation): More modern versions require three-quarters of an ounce of rum, each with a teaspoon of brandy, or a quarter of an ounce. I have played quite a bit with the more modern formula եմ I have increased it a bit (probably because I like it very much * և I realized that it has disappeared very quickly) եմ I present my preferred version. One of the difficult things about Sir Walter is that he chooses rum. Because of some rum it just fails և or և Havana Club 3 is often called, և it really works pretty well, I found a good old Mount Gay Eclipse: especially synergistic with brandy և it is more likely to be the style of rum used in the beginning (Barbados). The taste of the brandy should be clearly present, and the rum plays a more supportive role, so in this case, avoid your stronger rum. Choose good brandy, but it does not have to be expensive. for me, the Courvoisier VS I visited fully complies with the bill, յալ quality curacao և Grenadine also. These are all ingredients that you will often find used in older cocktails, where there seems to be a narrower range of liqueurs and syrups than we enjoy today. Curacao grenadine were probably the two most popular sweeteners that the Golden Age bartender acquired when he wanted to balance acids. Harry gently touched the sweet and sour ingredients here, allowing the sprites to shine. Carefully made Sir Walter is a small drink that you need to know much better than it is.

Sir Walter.

1.25 oz / 37 ml brandy or brandy.

1.25 oz / 37 ml Barbados or Cuban rum.

0.25 oz / 7.5 ml of fresh lemon juice.

0.25 oz / 7.5 ml grenadine (pre-made).

0.25 oz / 7.5 ml Curacao (formerly Pierre Ferraran – Definitely not Blue!).

Shake with ice, double squeeze into frozen stem glass.

Garnish with lemon.

Toast to Sir Walter Scott The Wizard of the North.

* The fact that he lived the very way I grew up does not hurt this drink in my heart.

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