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In the role of a prince, whose task is to choose a bride from three princesses Saturday Night Live: Last night Mike Day asked a question, which turned out to describe the episode well. “Okay, is that it?” He raised the question sketch mocked The rule of three in folklore. Her options included a beautiful princess, a smart princess, which meant that something was wrong with the third princess. The prince was still waiting for some unexpected turn, but each princess kept her answers briefly indifferent, in addition to the quick support that ended the scene. Emphasized colorless bit SNL:The recent difficulties of developing a memorable socio-cultural comedy, as well as the fare of earlier times.

The show has gotten tough this season find humor In matters worthy of news, such as: Oscar slap. However, sometimes he managed to intensify his efforts on evergreen sketches that were or with a refreshing layer or: really wonderful. However, with the penultimate episode of its 47th season, SNL: presented a sleepy collection of surface-level sketch content aimed at the obvious. No matter what steam was embedded in recent highlights, such as the hosts Jake Gyllenhaal և: Benedict Cumberbatch, scattered. Last night the show felt closer to one big yawn.

SNL: has updated Netflix’s Japanese reality show Old Enough!, where young children do things on their own. But since the plot would not be translated in the United States, according to the host of the spin-off show, SNL: turned it into a gender hoax by sending a long-term friend instead. The arrangement drew clear parallels between young children and “adults” whose long-term relationships despised them, tempting them to follow their boyfriend’s instructions without the help of a partner or to travel the world. “The comment seemed a little too easy, as if the writers were not interested in pushing the premise or the fist lines in a more convincing direction, as they did at the beginning of this season.”Man Park:“, A scene where punished girlfriends left their boyfriend in the garden to make friends.

Part of the problem with yesterday’s episode may have arisen for the first time from host Selena Gomez. As the sad character of the Millennium comedy series Hulu’s Real Crime Only murders in the building, he compensates for the old-fashioned vitality of Steve Martin և Martin Short with sardonic realism. But last night his demeanor, which ranged from quiet politeness or cold neglect, was not clearly reflected in the characters’ creations. SNL: usually requires.

Still! SNL: Gomez was not overwhelmed. A brief sketch entitled “Guidance Advisers” ended shortly after its launch, but little is known about its creation or purpose. Two high school counselors, starring Ego Nvodim and Bowen Yang, encouraged graduate students to model instead of doing higher. To continue their agenda, they brought out a 2017 graduate (Gomez) who started modeling և could “do 80 positions in five seconds.” Giving students the exact opposite advice they used to hear turned into obvious, dull jokes. Knowing that a girl in the meeting was 17 years old, Gomez’s model said lifeless. “It’s perfect. Stay that age forever. ”

The low volume of the episode worked well for the talk show “A Peek at Pico”, which takes place in Pico Rivera, California. The show’s hosts, Vanessa (Melissa Villaschore) and Sophia (Gomez), refused to allow any part or story of the guest to develop, cutting each one into two comments: “Sad” or “Good”. The sketch seemed to be a cross between the classics “Bronx Beat“Jewelry Advertising”Rings:“, Which both cleverly studied the special personalities of the district. In this case, Gomez’s restrained, indifferent attitude reinforced the talk show’s aimless attitude.

The sketch with the most energy came at the very end. It featured Sarah Sherman, who earlier in the Weekend Update seemed determined to inject some life into the evening as she continued her life. continuous barbecue Colin Josti – this time as: Field Correspondent. In the end, Sherman և Young played with twin children, supervised by their teenage sister (Gomez) և and his friends with a baby monitor, showing a fun show that became more entertaining because of the real-life cradle of two adult comedians. The sketch was animated և absurd thanks to Young և Sherman, two of the most enjoyable cast on the show. But like the Guidance Advisers, it ended before it was fully open.

This was definitely a trial season SNL:including Interrupted Christmas episodewhen Paul Rudd was running a particularly empty show, as the Omicron version forced most of the cast to stay home, և News headlines: is too serious to be ridiculed. There was still one episode left, the energy reduced last night, the half-finished sketching work showed that the show, like most of us these days, is lagging behind to the finish line.

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