Something happened to Harry Styles’s mood

There is so much music to evoke bold emotions – ecstasy, surprise, deep blues. Other music evokes pastel sensations – soft: intermediate. For example, most of Harry Styles’s third album, Harry’s house, reports the mild joy that a person can get from completing the list of homework. Some songs regret not being able to book an ideal dinner reservation. Many sensations can occur during multiple hearings, such as indigestion.

Styles, 28, is one of the most trusted stars of our era who can order 10 nights at Madison Square Garden. Charisma և’s former fame explains part of this success, but he is far ahead of his charming former One Direction counterparts. Three Albums: Throughout his solo career, Styles has developed a rock-and-roll skill that could be released at any time in the last 50 years or so. Nevertheless Harry’s house it hints at something modern – an uncertain cheerfulness that escapes as much as it separates.

The hits of One Direction were fun with the simplicity of Sunday cartoons, but Styles’s first two solo albums sought to convey the elegance of adults with vintage guitars and harmonies. Combined not binary, the fashion design of scarves and shawls, the re-establishment of this brand has successfully expanded its attractiveness. in April he titled Coachella Inspired by Mick Jagger, who spins over a sparse collection. I was standing next to some guys in their 40s who, at the end of the concert, had overcome their skepticism about Styles. rock:. A month later, I remember very little about Styles performing, except when he pulled aside for a moment to let his guitarist weep for the glorious solo.

For Harry’s houseHas Styles: he said he wanted to leave the heavy referential. The palette is still retro, but mainly because it comes from the synth pop of the 80s, which is already general modern touchstone. The “Music for Sushi Restaurant” bubbling keyboards և fun breakthroughs can evoke memories. Oingo Boingo– or the latest songs from Charlie Putty և John Mayer (of which he plays two guitars) Harry’s house songs): But Styles’s new wave, և his campaigns for folk այլ in other parts of the British pop album, has a distinct flavor. It is the feeling of those strange styles. funny, ghostly, intensely non-intense.

This feeling is partly due to his vocal style, which is characterized by the calmness of the phone operator, the multi-track pillow և melodies that move as Winnie the Pooh speaks. Some of it, too, is a dirty instrumental tone, a percussion instrument that sounds like rain. Then there are the words Styles. Despite such classic themes as invention և division, they tend to be mysterious images that do not form a complete picture. You hear about bicycles, swimming pools, ice cream. You hear about disrespect, toothache, and cocaine. (He sings about the latter so often that it sounds like a joke: how does a gentleman like Styles sound on stimulants?)

Many pop songs suggest that a story is happening right off the screen, but for Styles, that sense of disconnection is paramount. He is astonished, but he is not unnoticed. There are tasteless things in the corners of the songs. A few sections inside Harry’s house– often, when his singing accelerates in the litany “We did not start the fire”, this dynamic becomes apparent. “Tea with Cyborgs / Riot America / Science և Foods” goes with “Keep Driving” as part of the song, which tells the story of people’s eyes on the road, despite the strange things in the side mirrors. In “Love of My Life” Styles offers a walk in the afternoon և note: “We do not like what is on the news, but it is always on.”

At a time when writing autobiographical songs is the norm, Styles stands out for his curiosity about other people. Despite the sounds of the acoustic guitar, Styles comforts a girl who escapes from her poisonous family in Matilda. “Nothing about how you were treated has sounded particularly alarming so far,” Styles sings in a way that seems designed not to cause alarm anyway. In “Boyfriends”, which is a bit of a choral folk reminiscent of Peter, Paul և Mary, he confuses the flattery of a male-dominated relationship, for which he has undoubtedly been guilty in the past. Both songs are wonderfully compassionate. Both are related to a complicated situation Oh well, you will be fine smile before slipping into the fog.

The appeal of poppy, which is pleasantly anesthetizing to the restless generation, hardly needs to be explained. However, Styles’ music, of course, is also connected, as he can not leave the fatigue out of his years. Harry HouseThe stunning single “As It Was” at first seems like just tangled keystrokes. Listen again, however, և you may notice a kind of attraction to the song. drop of notes, words, vibrations. Styles says the song was partly inspired by the realization that the epidemic had irreversibly changed the world. our past is gone forever. Speaking of comforting removal from the comfort of the truth, the song works so well that it’s awful.

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