Sour Cucumber Pasta Salad will be a hit this summer

at the peak potluck season:on the horizon մեկ this year mainly with outdoor gatherings, recent viral TikTok video seems to be a strong candidate for the most trendy dish of this summer. sour pasta salad. The only thing that is more refreshing than the recipe for this easy pantry may be that in the five days since the video was made, it has garnered nearly two and a half million views, and even received a comment from Lizzo, whose music sounds all over the world. directions.

It does not have to be a breakthrough, after all, Middle Eastern moms have been mixing pickles into creamy pasta for centuries, serving them for parties and football games. But time just hit the crowd. Everyone is obviously ready to think about the dishes that signify the coming season, պարզ the simplicity of the recipe helps to make it more attractive.

To make a pickle salad with pickles, according to the video ության Lizzie’s blessing, you cook a box of noodles, then squeeze and rinse the cooked pasta with cold water. Mix sour juice, chopped dill pickles, sliced ​​onion ի diced cheese. Stir quickly with mayonnaise, sour cream, more sour juice, fresh dill, salt and pepper. Throw everything in to combine, gather your friends և get excited about the start of the outdoor entertainment season. Because, according to the soundtrack of the video, the most famous commentator, it is about a damn time.

Have you tried pickling cucumbers in your pasta salad? We want to hear your thoughts.

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