Sources: Mbape’s future is shrouded in mystery

Real Madrid believe it Kilian Mbape The decision on his future will be announced this weekend, ESPN sources said that the uncertainty over the situation is causing “nervousness and confusion” about the club’s ability to sign the contract. Paris Saint-Germain forward.

According to sources, there is “pessimism” about a possible deal in Madrid, while in PSG there is such a level of uncertainty. Sources close to the Ligue 1 champions told ESPN t earlier this weekhe refused to keep Mbape at the club because they thought he would join Madrid.

However, when Mbabane announces his final decision in the next few days, France The international did not inform any of the clubs.

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The people of Madrid, who knew for months that the player was allowed to move to the Bernabeu, do not understand his behavior during the last two weeks, sources say.

The club is nervous at this last stage as they have not received confirmation that Mbape intends to formally accept their offer or stay in Paris.

Both clubs find themselves in a tense confrontation as they expect the player to speak publicly this weekend.

Talking to Kora Plus On Friday, Mbape’s mother, Faiza Lamari, confirmed that the player had agreed terms with the two clubs.

“We will not have new meetings to discuss Mbape’s future, these meetings are over,” he said. “Now we have reached an agreement with both” Real “and” PSG “, the discussions are over, because now it is Kilian who has to choose.

The two offers, from PSG and Real Madrid, are almost identical. At Real, my son will control his image rights. Now we will wait for his decision … The two proposals are not very different. “We expect Mbape to choose what he wants.”

This season, the Madrid team has been in touch with Mbape’s entourage, who have promised President Florentino Perez that he will join as a free agent when his PSG contract expires on June 30.

Sources told ESPN that the deal was on track, that the signing had been accepted at the Bernabeu, but that confidence had been shaken by Mbape’s lack of public information over the past two weeks.

At the same time, the people of Madrid understand the uniquely complex context of Mbape’s situation, the sources say, that the footballer has the last word.

The club did not rule out a late offer from PSG to change Mbape’s mind, but were confident he would keep his word despite pressure at “every level” in recent weeks.

In February, ESPN reported that PSG intended to offer Mbape a short-term contract as Qatar wanted him to stay with PSG during this year’s World Cup.

The offer of PSG is significantly higher than that of Madrid.

Sources close to the Madrid locker room also told ESPN that they are now more skeptical about Mbape signing.

The club would have preferred not to have the situation a few days before the Champions League final Liverpool:but sources say they understand that the resolution is now inevitable.

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