Spicy carrots

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When I was living in Baton Rouge, there was a restaurant called Ninfa, where spicy pickles and other vegetables were served as appetizers. Practically every time I went there, I was spoiling my appetite for those pickles before I even ordered an appetizer. So when I saw this post Ninfa spicy pickled carrots I was very, very excited about The Homesick Texan. I did not have all the ingredients in that recipe, but the version I made below is still Amazing, I literally can not stop eating them.

Originally published 8-11-2011, updated 4-27-2022.

View from the glass bowl full of spicy carrots

What’s in a spicy carrot?

These spicy carrots are “quick pickles”, not fermented pickles, so they start with vinegar. This special salt water includes white vinegar, salt, pepper, oregano, cumin oil. To add even more flavor, the carrots are pickled together with the red onions and jalapeno. The original recipe I used for inspiration included garlic, but I completely forgot to add mine, so if you have one, add some cloves of fresh garlic as well.

How much is marinated carrots?

These delicious spicy carrots will refrigerate for about 3-4 weeks.

What else can I add?

I’m dying to add all sorts of other vegetables to my spicy pickles next time. I think the little cauliflower blooms will just be incredible there, but it would be nice to try sliced ​​radish, green beans or maybe even a mini bell pepper.

How to serve pickled carrots

As mentioned above, I was first introduced to this carrot as a snack or appetizer. But I think they will be great in salads, bowls, tacos or salads. Basically, whenever you want to add a spicy bite to your meal, add a spicy carrot.

Lateral view of spicy carrots up close.

Spicy carrots

Spicy carrots are an easy, tasty snack that can be served as a side dish or seasoning with your favorite dishes.

Services: 8: Ակ cup each

  • 1: լբ. carrots ($ 1.00)
  • 1/2: Red onion ($ 0.21)
  • 1: jalapeno ($ 0.08)
  • 1: cup water ($ 0.00)
  • 2: cups white vinegar ($ 0.50)
  • 1/4: cup cooking oil ($ 0.16)
  • 1/2: ճ.գ: ground cumin ($ 0.05)
  • 1/2: ճ.գ: dried oregano ($ 0.05)
  • 1/4: ճ.գ: freshly cracked pepper ($ 0.02)
  • 2: ճ.գ: salt ($ 0.05)
  • Peel a squash, grate it and slice it. Cut the red onion և jalapeno երի into ությամբ inch thick slices as well.

  • Add water, vinegar, oil, cumin, oregano, salt and pepper to the pan. Bring the salt water to a boil.

  • Carefully add the sliced ​​vegetables in boiling salted water, then continue boiling for about 5 minutes.

  • After boiling for 5 minutes, remove the pan from the heat, carefully transfer the vegetables and all the salt water to a container or other heat-resistant container.

  • Store marinated carrots in an airtight container in the refrigerator for 3-4 weeks.

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Serving: 1: Serving: · Calories: 101: kcal · Carbohydrates. 6: is: · Proteins: 1: is: · Fat: 7: is: · Sodium. 624 mg: · Fiber: 2: is:

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How to cook spicy carrots – step by step photos

Sliced ​​carrot, onion և jalapeno.

Start by slicing 1 pound of carrot (about 8 carrots), ½ red onion և one jalapeno. I like to cut carrots diagonally to make them more interesting.

Salt ingredients in a saucepan.

Make salt water by adding 1 cup of water, 2 cups of white vinegar, 1 cup of cooking oil, 1 teaspoon of ground cumin, 1 teaspoon of dried oregano, 2 teaspoons of salt, and 1 teaspoon of freshly ground pepper. Bring the crop to a boil.

The vegetables were added to the brine.

Add sliced ​​vegetables in boiling salted water (carefully) and boil for about 5 minutes. You do not want the carrots to become too soft or too discolored.

Marinated carrots in a glass bowl.

After boiling the vegetables և carefully pour all the salt water into jars or other heat-resistant containers. You can eat them right away (I could not control it), but the taste gets even better after keeping them in the fridge for at least a day.

Side view of a glass bowl full of spicy carrots.

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