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I do not like anything more than hot chocolate on a cold night. In fact, it’s all I love about cold nights because I hate the cold. I made this spicy Mexican hot chocolate the other night when it snowed. What is snow, you may ask? I had to ask the same thing from Google. It is a very sharp “short” snowstorm with a white snowstorm. Fortunately, I had my friends Exotic tequila help me get over it և this spicy mexican hot chocolate to keep me warm.

Spicy Mexican hot chocolate

Spicy Mexican hot chocolate, make 2 cups

2 glasses of milk

4 oz. Exotic tequila

2 ch.c. unsweetened cocoa powder

2 ch.c. demerara sugar

1/2 year ground cinnamon

1/4 year vanilla extract

1/8 year chili powder

1/8 year ground cayenne (you can skip it if you do not want it to be too spicy)

Bitter sweet chocolate shards for decoration

marshmallows, for decoration

Spicy Mexican hot chocolate
Spicy Mexican hot chocolate

To make your spicy Mexican hot chocolate, whisk together the cocoa powder, sugar, cinnamon, chili and cayenne until combined. Add your milk to a small saucepan և Put on the stove over low heat. Add your dry ingredients նել mix until all ingredients are combined և cocoa in melted milk for about 10 minutes. Mix your vanilla extract.

Spicy Mexican hot chocolate
Spicy Mexican hot chocolate

Add 2 ounces. tequila in the bowl you served, I used enamel cups, then pour the hot chocolate. Garnish with mini marshmallows: chocolate shards.

Spicy Mexican hot chocolate

I love sweets և delicious food: drinks և this spicy Mexican hot chocolate checks all those boxes. It is declining, rich, warming from Chile and Cayenne. I have a very high tolerance for spices, և or I do not find it too spicy, you can skip the cayenne if you think this recipe will be too spicy for your taste. Exotico Tequila is so perfect for this drink. Chocolate and spices complement the sweet earthy notes of tequila and other agave spirits.

Spicy Mexican hot chocolate
Spicy Mexican hot chocolate

Not only is this a great drink for Christmas or Christmas dessert, but you can enjoy it all winter long. A hot cocoa bar is a great idea for a party or gathering, և I have gathered some ideas there this post. As long as I enjoy this spicy Mexican hot chocolate as long as the temperature drops below 45 degrees, there is nothing like drinking a hot drink in front of a Christmas tree.

I hope you have decided to make this drink ավոր Happy Holidays from me և Exotic tequila! xo:

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